Wide Oak Floorboards


Not everyone wants a huge house with big rooms, but most people have at least one room in their home that drives them mad because it’s too small or too narrow. No matter what you try, you can’t make that room seem bigger or wider! Although you will never be able to change the actual dimensions of the room, there is a way to give an illusion of your room being more sizeable or less narrow than it actually is. Wide oak floorboards are the answer. Yes, wide oak floorboards - contrary to what you might think are perfect for small rooms or narrow areas in your home.

Break the rules with wide boards

When most people plan flooring a small or narrow room, they think that they have to stick to the rules and choose narrow flooring that is proportionate to the size of the area they’re flooring. The great news is that you don’t need to live by these rules. And in fact, if you don’t you could find that your area suddenly seems a whole lot more spacious or wider. Thinking outside the box could be just what the doctor ordered to get the illusion of space you’re so keen to have.

Interiors have more in common with fashion than you may think

If you think about it, even when it comes to clothing, people say that if you’re on the short, wide side, you shouldn’t wear horizontal stripes or if you’re tall and thin, you should avoid vertical stripes at all costs. However, if you’re on the short and wide side and you want to look even shorter and wider (unlikely, but you’ll get the drift), broad horizontal stripes will help you achieve your objective. The same is true if you’re excessively tall and thin and want to look shorter and wider. And not all that surprisingly, this fashion rule can be applied to interiors as well.

Create an illusion of space or width

If you have a small or narrow area in your home and want to create an illusion of more space or width, cleverly planning a floor using wide oak floorboards will really surprise you. At Wood and Beyond, we’ve seen our wide oak floorboards used to stunning effect in both cavernous rooms and spaces that are so tight, that you’d imagine it impossible to create a feeling of space. It’s for this reason that we make a point of always having a good stock of wide oak floorboards in stock at all times.

When we refer to wide oak floorboards, we’re talking about floorboards that are anywhere between 220 and 300mm wide. With a real quality, chunky feel to them, these floorboards aren’t just stunningly beautiful, they’re also great for creating interior effects that you might think impossible right now.

Here are some of our favourites:

natural engineered oak UK grey, UV oiled


If you’re wary of going the whole hog for a really wide board, then this natural engineered oak UK grey, UV oiled floor is for you. This is a great choice if you have a narrow area that you want to make look wider or a small area that you want to make look bigger but are lacking the courage or confidence to go for a really, really wide board. What you should do is choose this stunning grey floor and run the boards across the narrow side of the room and you’ll be immediately impressed by the difference it makes.

rustic engineered oak bologna brushed UV oiled floor


At 250mm wide, this rustic engineered oak bologna brushed UV oiled floor makes a big statement, no matter how small or narrow your space. This wide oak floorboard solution is perfect in either small or narrow spaces and used with imagination can really transform a room that you’d cast aside in the past because it seemed too small to make the statement you’d hoped for.

select engineered oak brushed unfinished


If you want a really wide board that has been left unfinished, then this select engineered oak brushed unfinished option is for you. At 300mm wide this truly versatile wide oak floorboard option is stunning in any small or narrow room, no matter whether you plan to decorate it in a highly modern or traditional way. What’s more, it gives you the freedom to decide on the finish after you’ve fitted your floor, which is a great solution for anyone who’s uncertain about which finish to choose.

No matter how small or how narrow the space you want to floor, at Wood and Beyond we have a great solution. Sometimes it’s the less obvious options that work best, and although it may sound arrogant to say it, we’re great at sniffing out solutions that you mightn’t have thought of already. We’ve helped thousands of customers transform their homes quickly, easily and on budget, just by applying our years of experience. And we can help you do the same. No matter whether your dilemma is regarding the size or width of your room or simply which solution would work best for you, we can help – and we’d be delighted to do so.

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