hardwood flooring


With so many of types of flooring on the market, you really will be spoilt for choice when you decide to lay a new floor, so why does choosing a hardwood floor make such great sense?  Apart from the very obvious benefits of a hardwood floor, like looking great and being super stylish, here are a handful of other reasons to choose hardwood when it comes to finalising your flooring decision:

1.  It’s the healthy option -  With so many people being allergic to so many things nowadays, it’s really important to reduce, as far as possible, the number of potential causes of allergies.  When it comes to dust allergies, wooden floors quite simply don’t collect as much dust as carpets or other flooring materials.  This, combined with their ease of cleaning has led many health experts to recommend hardwood flooring as the healthiest option.  In fact, it has been shown on more than a few cases that people who suffer from asthma and live in a house with a wood floor suffer fewer attacks than those who have carpet.

2.  It’s likely to add value to your property - A hardwood floor will not only add to the charm of your home, helping it look stylish as well as being extremely practical, it’s more than likely to add value.  Although property estimators/valuers are very reluctant to put a figure on the return on investment of solid wood floors, they are in general consensus that a good quality, well-fitted solid wood floor will generate a “return on investment that exceeds the initial cost of installation”. The popularity of hardwood floors is such that it’ll help to attract buyers to choose your property against others in the over-crowded housing market.  So, even if you have no intention of selling, you know that the money you spend on a hardwood floor today is pretty sure to add value to your property the day you do decide to sell as well as lasting longer than any carpet.

3.  It’s easy to maintain and clean - Unlike carpets that call for vacuum cleaners (which seem to be getting more and more sophisticated and pricey), all a hardwood floor needs to keep it looking great is a quick sweep and a mop.

4.  It’s environmentally friendly - Hardwood is renewable and recyclable and 100% natural.  It doesn’t require harsh chemicals for cleaning (unlike carpets) and doesn’t emit any nasty elements, making it the environmentally friendly option when it comes to choosing your new floor.

5.  It improves with age - You only have to look in stately homes and castles to see that hardwood floors last (almost) forever if they’re properly looked after.  A hardwood floor laid today will improve with age and will be amongst the most durable options for your floor.

These benefits apart, hardwood flooring feels cosier than other hard flooring options as well as acting as a great insulator and of course it looks great.  So when you’re deciding to renew your floor, hardwood really must have a place on your shortlist… not just for the look, but also for your family’s health, for your comfort, for your convenience and for the environment.  Now those are pretty good incentives aren’t they?