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White Oak Flooring – Best in Class for the Rustic Look

Being a homeowner is a proud moment in anyone’s life. Having that space to get away from the rest of the world in order to unwind and relax is a great feeling. But a better feeling is making that house your home. You can begin that journey from the ground floor feet with white oak flooring. This flooring not only keeps to the traditional style with clean ring lines and seamless slat connections, but it comes in a variety of colours that can match the design characteristics of any room.


One of the appeals of white oak is that it is available as either hardwood flooring, or engineered  flooring. Hardwood provides the durability of real wood but can sometimes be difficult to maintain and may be outside the reach of some budgets. Engineered wood flooring or composite flooring can be much easier to clean and is generally more cost effective, but will degrade faster under harsher wear and tear conditions. Modern technology allows for the engineered flooring in a home to be almost indistinguishable from real hardwood flooring. From the tree rings, to the small ridges and slight splintering that comes with real hardwood, you may not be able to tell a difference. Either flooring option though, will give your home that rustic spark that many people are searching for.


The Many Varieties of White Oak


White oak comes in many patterns and designs. The limits of creativity with this material are really up to the imagination of the homeowner. If you want to go with the great room style of a herringbone pattern it is very doable. Chevron or parquet styles look great rendered in white oak boards to give a hallway, bathroom, or kitchen its finishing touch.


One of the best parts of this flooring is that its transitions are not harsh, meaning you could utilize each of these patterns and designs in the same house varying by room. Overall, white oak  provides the most flexibility in rustic home decoration.


Unlike what the name suggests, hardwood flooring is not limited to just use on the floor. Accent walls in bedrooms or sitting rooms that are decorated with wood flooring slats create a very warm atmosphere with earthy undertones. It’s almost like a log cabin in the mountains, but in a modern city. Using flooring on the walls is a creative alternative to the hassle and mess of painting when you feel like redecorating. Placing the boards horizontally can give you that trendy shiplap look.


Choose White Oak

All in all, white oak flooring is the way to go for a rustic, traditional, look and can be used in a multitude of formats and designs. Any room in the house, and even on the walls; it is time to create more than just a nice walking surface. When you are ready to transform your house and truly make it your home, choose a few patterns and colours and get to work!

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