warm wood flooring styles


Even though it’s still only summer time, some of our clients are already thinking ahead when planning their wood flooring projects. Although in the summer months, it’s tempting to choose a colour or style of floor that makes you feel cool when the sun is hot, it’s also worth thinking about those winter months when temperatures will have changed.

While you don’t want your floor to scream out winter-time all year round, making the right choices can mean the difference between having to turn your heating up a few degrees and enjoying the notion that your room is warmer than it actually is.

Colours definitely affect how warm or how cool we feel, and the colour of wood flooring you choose will impact on that. But feeling warm is also a feeling of being welcome. Warm wood flooring gives you both a warm temperature boost when you need it and makes you feel at home – like a big cuddly jumper!

Here are some great warm wood flooring styles that are undeniably warm, both in their coziness and in their welcoming character:

Rustic and Natural grades




Rustic and natural grade woods are known for their charming surfaces. With lots of character and variety in the wood, they give an immediate feeling of warmth and homeliness. When you choose this grade of wood you also needn’t feel as if you’re wary of being yourself in your home for fear of causing damage to the floor. This natural engineered oak flooring that’s been UV lacquered won’t just stand up to a whole lot of wear and tear, it also has a great warmth to it too. Reminiscent of warm honey, this one will leave you happy no matter the season or the temperature – inside or out.





Once again, herringbone flooring is a real old-school look that has a warm, welcoming and homely feel to it. Although in certain settings it can look quite formal, with the right furnishings this option can look almost bohemian, demonstrating confident styling at the same time as oozing class and charm. This prime engineered oak herringbone style floor that has been brushed and UV oiled and truly is a little ray of sunshine in any home. A floor that’s as impressive as it is fast to fit and cost effective, if you’re not familiar with this style of flooring it’s well worth checking out.

Smoked and Reclaimed styles




Smoked and reclaimed styles are known once again for the huge amount of character they bring to a room. With a real aged feel to them, these warm wood flooring solutions have a loved, lived-in look right from Day 1.  What this means is that even if everything else in your room is brand, spanking new, your floor will have that warm, familiar feel that’s so very comforting. This natural engineered oak reclaimed brown floor that’s been UV oiled is particularly warm in its feel and look – summer or winter, rain or shine; you won’t go wrong with this one.

Random plank size




When you choose random plank size wood flooring you get a floor that’s irregular in its layout. What this means is that the end result brings a really warm and friendly feeling to your room. There’s no formality and certainly no feeling of stuffiness. This style of flooring is perfect for any room where you want to create a really convivial atmosphere effortlessly. You can see our full range of random length wood flooring here. As you’ll see, there’s a huge choice, so you’re almost sure to find an option that fits your requirements.

When you choose any of these floors, you get the feeling of warmth, love and comfort as soon as you step inside your home. No matter what the temperature is outside; you’ll feel great inside.

If you’re looking for a wood floor style that promises you warmth and charm, why not take a few minutes to browse our site? We have a huge range of floors in stock and ready to deliver so you can take your home to a whole new level. Come on in and enjoy! And if you don’t find what you’re looking for, or if you need help, don’t hold back – we’re here to help.