vintage laminate floor


Combining old and new is an interior styling option that more and more people are adopting - and when you see some of the results, it’s easy to see why. One challenge that people face when they choose to mix a combination of modern and old fashioned furnishings and accessories is achieving the right backdrop. Wallpaper, paint and flooring play a huge role in determining whether the end result will look like you’ve just inherited a load of old stuff from your gran or you’ve created a haven of style and charm.

If you’re planning combining old and new in one of the rooms in your home, a great way to achieve a fabulous result without breaking the bank is by using a vintage look laminate flooring solution.

At Wood and Beyond we know that vintage laminate look flooring is really versatile, affordable and gives a great end result. You can find our full range here, but in order to help you make the right decisions, here are some great ideas:

A classy looking lounge with statement old and new pieces


vintage laminate


If you want to create a lounge that boasts a clever combination of the likes of vintage ercol, a couple of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and Lilly Reich Barcelona chairs, or a few comfy leather clubs, then this warm honey colour solution is for you.

This vintage look laminate flooring solution truly is the ideal backdrop for either a room full of interest and charm or a relatively minimalist room that takes the best of what 2018 furnishing has to offer and combines it with carefully chosen statement pieces from the past.

No matter what sort of old and new combination you’re hoping to achieve, this flooring solution will give you the flexibility to make your plans work now and even later if you change style in the future. It really is a timeless option that will take you from high fashion to combination styling with ease.

A relaxing bedroom with brand new and heritage features


vintage laminate


If what you’re hankering for is a relaxing bedroom that combines some new pieces and maybe some Louis XV washed wood or New England wood styling for example, then this Roble Kilimanja vintage laminate floor is for you.

This light and interesting laminate not only won’t break the bank, but it’ll look as if it might have! The perfect way to set the scene for a relaxing sleep or just for lounging in your boudoir, this AC5 resistance level floor will last for years and years with the right care.

If you’re hoping to create a stylish haven where you can spend time getting ready for big nights out as well as making the most of lazy weekends, then this flooring solution is for you.

These are both great ways to combine old and new in a single room in your home, but many people these days prefer a uniform look throughout their home to give real consistency and flow. Here are two great ways to use these floors to achieve that:

A warm and comforting look throughout the whole home

Once again, this warm honey coloured vintage laminate looks stunning when used throughout the home. Irrespective of whether you’re planning to mix old and new in only a couple of rooms or if it’s a plan you have for your whole home. The great thing about using this floor through your entire home is that you’ll be able to achieve that stunning interiors mag feel without investing your life savings.

A light and bright solution to cheer up any home

If you live in a small or somewhat gloomy home, then using this Roble Kilimanja vintage laminate floor is the ideal way to give your home a real lift. Too many people are struggling for space and, or light in their homes these days and a dark or overcrowded space can be a real drain on your emotions. When you choose this floor, you will achieve a sudden feeling of space and light – no matter what style of interior you choose to go with it.

So there you have it – a couple of really stunning vintage look laminate flooring options that let you combine old and new perfectly and promise you a great outcome at a great price – every time.

If you’d like help to choose the right floor for your project, why not get in touch? At Wood and Beyond we’re brimming with ideas that we love to share with our clients – all you need to do is ask.