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Veneer Oak Flooring For Wider Choice Of Tones, Finishes And Sizes

Veneer Oak Flooring


Veneer oak flooring is a wood flooring solution that more and more people are choosing. This type of flooring is often referred to as engineered wood flooring too. You’re sure to have seen it around. In fact, much of the flooring you see in restaurants, shops and hotels, as well as in homes is engineered or veneer wood flooring. It gets the name veneer because of its top layer of solid oak, and shouldn’t be confused with laminate flooring which isn’t wood flooring at all.

So why is veneer oak flooring so popular? Why has it overtaken solid wood flooring in so many different situations? The answer is simple – it’s because it’s so versatile, more stable and it comes in such a huge range of shades, finishes and board sizes.

Veneer oak flooring, unlike solid wood flooring, can be used throughout the whole home. In the likes of bathrooms and kitchens, solid oak flooring wouldn’t normally be recommended, simply because it expands and contracts so much. What this means is that when your bathroom or kitchen gets hot and steamy, your solid oak floor expands, then when it cools down again, it contracts. While a certain amount of expansion and contraction isn’t a major issue, excessive moisture and temperature changes can lead to unsightly gaps in your floor and even to damage caused by the boards squeezing together too much. With veneer oak flooring, you simply don’t have that worry.

At Wood and Beyond we have well over 100 engineered oak floor options in stock and ready to deliver so you can get your project under way. We have everything from purest white to jet black, and all the tones you can imagine in between. We also have lacquered, oiled, brushed and vintage. When it comes to board sizes, with widths ranging from 90 to 250mm, you really will be spoilt for choice.

Here are just some of the more unusual choices we have in stock right now:


These warm honey coloured engineered oak smoked is probably the closest you’ll get to what everyone has in their mind when you say old oak flooring. The smoking process that the wood has gone through makes this floor slightly darker than unsmoked oak and really brings out all the detail in the wood. A perfect solution if you’re looking for something traditional, yet with a clean, modern feel to it, this floor can be used in every room in the home and has been brushed and oiled so it has a really natural feel to it.


These really light natural engineered oak flooring are also click system, which means not only does it look fantastic, it’s a complete breeze to fit too. The white oil brushing process means that the wood is lightened in colour overall, but more than that, the grains become really prominent and make you just want to reach out and touch it. Once again, you can fit this in any room, as well as over under floor heating, so when it comes to versatility and good looks, you truly have it all here.


And if you want a dark veneer option, this natural engineered oak dark Paloma that’s brushed and UV oiled is stunning. A relatively new floor in our collection, we really love this one and have clients using it in literally every room in the home to great effect.

So, hopefully now you can see why veneer oak flooring is so very popular. And if you want to browse our complete stock, you can find it here. But don’t forget, at Wood and Beyond we’re here for you, so if you need help to make the right choice for your project, all you need to do is ask.

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