engineered herringbone oak

Making the switch from carpet to engineered oak flooring can be a life changing move to upgrade your home. A lot of people will tell you that wood flooring is better than carpet in every way, but what are the true reasons people are making the switch? If you feel like your current carpet is looking fine, you may be questioning whether you really need to spend the money to replace it. These are just a few reasons home owners today are saying “Out with the old and in with the new!”

Easier to Clean

One of the main reasons to make the change from carpet to engineered oak flooring is that wood flooring is easier to clean in every way. After just a few years of constant traffic on carpet it will start to change colour and darken. You can rent an expensive carpet cleaner or higher a carpet cleaning service but that is just money down the drain. If you have a busy household, stains are a carpet’s worst enemy and you are sure to have some. Depending on your home you might even have to replace the carpet entirely multiple times due to the stains from children or pets or just regular use.

Wood flooring does not require that extensive of a cleaning. If you spill something you just have to wipe it up. If it leaves a small sticky spot or stain all it takes is a little warm water and soap and the stains are gone. Pet hair is a breeze to clean too as it won’t get trapped like it does in carpets. Carpets are notorious for trapping other dirt and detritus that engineered oak flooring simply will not. This especially important for people who suffer from allergies as carpet can trap dust, pet dander, and other allergens that will be easily swept up from a wooden floor.


All-Around Appealing Look

Another reason to upgrade to engineered oak flooring is it simply looks better than carpet. You can do so much more with wood flooring than with carpet and have the opportunity to be your own designer. With different colours such as red or white oak flooring, you can create amazing rooms and designs that will be breath-taking. Wood flooring can go anywhere in the house with each place being its own unique space. Carpet comes in about two design features: colour and texture, while wood flooring design features seem to be endless. You even have the possibility to create designs within the floor itself adding even more of a pop to your room. Wooden floors have a timelessness to them, whereas certain styles and colors of carpet can quickly feel dated.

Overall, carpet simply does not match up to the greatness of wood flooring and there are so many reasons, from practical to visual, to upgrade. If you are unsure then just start with one room or a hallway and see how you like it, but it is a safe bet it won’t take long until you want to replace the floors in every room with engineered flooring!