Timber Engineered Flooring


Timber engineered flooring is a great all-round interior solution. Offering greater stability and particularity than most other floors, it’s easy to see why more and more people are choosing this option. A relatively recently flooring solution, timber engineered flooring is so versatile, that it can literally be used in any interior setting as well as in every room in the home.

Why timber engineered flooring offers greater stability. The technical bit…

The secret to timber engineered flooring’s great stability is in its construction. Every board is cleverly constructed by bonding together layers of ply to create a really stable core board and then that core board is topped off with a real wood top layer or lamella. It’s this real wood top layer that makes timber engineered flooring look so much like traditional wood. But it really is different - because it is so stable.

When you bond layers and layers of ply together they become much more stable than a single piece of wood. Why is this the case? It’s because a single piece of wood is completely natural and expands and contracts when it comes into contact with fluctuating temperatures and moisture levels. While slight expansion and contraction isn’t an issue for a floor, any sort of significant expansion and contraction can cause unsightly gaps as well as cupping and bowing, which can make a lovely floor look awful over time.

This isn’t the case with timber engineered flooring. The stable core boards mean that expansion and contraction in this type of floor is minimal. This is why this flooring solution is known for its greater stability as well as its particularity. And this stability means that you can use timber engineered flooring throughout the whole home, including in bathrooms and kitchens as well as over under floor heating, without risk of damage.

Why timber engineered flooring brings real particularity to your home. The style bit…

When you choose timber engineered flooring as your preferred solution, you really will be spoilt for choice. Enabling you to bring real particularity and personality to your home, you can choose anything from white-washed through natural brown shades right up to jet black. What this means is that no matter what sort of interior you have in mind, you can find a timber engineered flooring option to suit.

If you want light and modern, plumping for the likes of prime engineered oak double white brushed and UV lacquered solution would be perfect. A really bright, white, it adds real style and charm to even the smallest or darkest room in any home.

Alternatively, if you want a relaxed, cosy, shabby chic, reclaimed look, select engineered oak reclaim brown UV oiled floor would be the ideal solution. It is so cleverly aged, that even the most cynical of wood lovers will be fooled.

Or, if you want to keep your options open by choosing a solution that’ll never date, then these engineered oak UV lacquered choices are for you. With a real classic and traditional oak look to it, you can mix and match it with any sort of furnishing and enjoy it for decades to come.

The real particularity of this type of floor is that you can use it in every room in the home. Warm and comfortable under foot, you can enjoy it in your bedroom, your lounge, your kitchen and even your bathroom. In fact, what we’re finding more and more at Wood and Beyond is that the people who have the courage to choose a timber engineered floor and fit it throughout their entire home are the people who love their floors the most. While this isn’t possible for everyone, if you’re planning a new build or an entire renovation, a single flooring solution throughout your home really is well worth considering.

Why timber engineered flooring brings real particularity to your home. The practical bit…

And if all this isn’t enough to have you heading immediately to our website to check out the huge range of timber engineered flooring we have in stock already, here are 3 really practical reasons to make this choice:

  1. It’s easy to fit. When you choose this style of flooring you can choose from a whole host of different fitting solutions including glued and floating.
  2. It’s suitable for sanding. There aren’t many flooring solutions that you can bring back to looking new when they start to look tired and worn. Timber engineered flooring is one such solution. The thicker the top layer you choose, the more often you’ll be able to re-sand and re-finish the floor, but either way, you know you can breathe a new lease of life easily into your floor if it gets damaged or worn.
  3. It comes unfinished. For anyone who’s struggling to choose their finish before seeing the floor in place, this is a great choice. If you can’t settle on which finish would work best in your room, this solution’s that’s ideal for you. When you choose unfinished timber engineered flooring you can wait until you see your floor in situ before you decide which colour and finish would work best for you – now that’s what we call flexible!

So when you look at timber engineered flooring this way, the only question left to ask is “which one would work best for you?” If you’re struggling to choose from our huge range, simply get in touch and let us work with you to decide which solution would best suit your unique situation.