oak worktop

Wood flooring is a great way to improve your home, giving you a look and feel that cannot be compared to other flooring options. Going beyond the floor, and using solid oak in other aspects of your home décor, is a unique way to upgrade your house and bring out the designer inside.

One of the best ways to showcase oak in your house is through the use of solid oak worktops. Imagine the smoothness of an oak counter in your kitchen while cooking, all while maintaining a level of durability that you would trust your floor to have. Solid oak worktops give you that calm, down to earth feel that your floor gives you, while at the same time providing the necessary workspace for any job. If you were to match your floor to the worktop, you would give your home an even more polished look, like something you would only see in a magazine.

Worktop Installation: A Weekend Project

Installing solid oak worktops is a little more work than installing flooring, as it needs to support more and is typically installed on top of something else such as cabinets or drawers. It can still be accomplished as a weekend project, just like floors, but has a little more work in terms of drilling and measuring.

Getting a worktop to fit just right over an existing space can be a bit challenging. A kitchen counter, for example, has cutouts that must be made for sinks and other appliances. The extra work is definitely worth it, though, as nothing can measure up to the sleekness of a classic wood countertop.

Most garage worktops are also made of solid wood which allows them to withstand the wear of tear of drills and saws. Moveable worktops, like butcher blocks, are smaller and do not take as much time to install, but still have that same level of stability and strength. After all, it is meant to withstand the full swing of a meat cleaver.

Beyond the Horizontal Surface

Solid oak flooring can be used in many other ways beyond countertops and work spaces. With all the different types of wood and finishes, you could essentially find a use for solid oak flooring anywhere in your home.

White oak flooring is some of the most widely used flooring and the easiest to customize in color and pattern. Using it as a backsplash on a wall, or as the siding of a kitchen bar area, are just a couple of the ways to expand beyond the traditional floor use. You could even use extra pieces to make a picture frame or a set of square coasters for a coffee table.

There are so many ways to use oak in your home, and the limits are endless. Worktops are one of the most common, but are in no way the only option. With the wide varieties of oak, you can have just about any look and any pattern that your heart desires.