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Rustic Oak Worktops for Warmth and Beauty

rustic oak worktops


Rustic oak worktops aren’t just warm and beautiful; they’re affordably priced too. For anyone who doesn’t know, when wood is lumbered, it is classified into one of four different grades or categories. Wood grades go from prime at the top, to rustic at the bottom. But if you’re thinking that choosing a wood at the bottom of the grades is bad news – stop. Just because wood is graded as rustic grade wood, that doesn’t mean that it is any lower quality than any of the other grades.

Rustic grade oak simply has bigger knots and more of them. It’s also a bit less regular in its marking and may contain more sap. All of this adds up to a really affordable oak solution that is typically full of character.

If you’ve decided to fit an oak worktop in your kitchen and you’d really like something that won’t break the bank, then rustic oak worktops are for you. In this article, we’ll share 4 of our favourites with you and give you an inside track into which suits which kitchen setting best. Enjoy.

Butchers’ block budget buy

rustic oak worktop that’s 38mm by 650mm by 2meters


This rustic oak worktop that’s 38mm by 650mm by 2meters long is perfect if you’re looking for a cheap rustic oak worktop that certainly doesn’t look as if it was cheap. Currently on offer at just a few pennies over £118, you can’t go wrong with this one. It looks great either as a feature in a kitchen that has a bit of stainless steel or as your sole worktop in a small apartment kitchen. Its blonde colouring blends in perfectly with either a neutral palette or with wild and wacky colours. This one also works really well with black and white. Creating the perfect backdrop for a busy kitchen feel or a minimalist look, you won’t regret investing in this one.

Full stave rustic oak

Full Stave Rustic Oak Worktop 22mm By 950mm By 2500mm


This full stave rustic oak worktop is 22mm thick, by 950mm wide and 2.5m long. The ideal solution if you’re looking for an island or a breakfast bar, this rustic oak worktop truly is a style statement. The full stave construction screams class and high price but at just over £175, you’ll have everyone fooled with this one. The rustic grade oak means that you get to see every grain and every knot of the wood to its full, making this a really interesting and tactile choice. It looks absolutely stunning with virtually nothing stored on it, but will equally suits a busy, hectic, cheffy kitchen environment.

American blonde styling at its best

Full Stave Rustic American Oak Worktop 38mm By 750mm By 3000mm


This full stave rustic American Oak worktop is a chunky option that is pale and interesting in equal measure. With a really natural, almost unfinished look to it, even when it has been finished this worktop will add a feeling of light and volume to the smallest and gloomiest of kitchens. At Wood and Beyond we’ve seen it used to great effect in everything from tiny corner kitchens in studio flats to loft apartments and even in a luxury development. It never fails to please and screams quality and cost without stretching your budget.

Long, thick and chunky

Full Stave Oak Rustic Worktop 38mm by 950mm by 3000mm


If you’re in the market for a long, thick and chunky full stave rustic oak worktop, we reckon you won’t find better looking or better value than this one. This full stave oak rustic worktop that’s a whopping 38mm thick, by 950mm wide and 3m long is simply quality personified. At just a tad over £400, this rustic oak worktop not only looks great, but it’ll stay looking great for a lifetime if you look after it. If you’re a real kitchen lover and want to make a statement that’ll have your friends and family looking on in envy, this worktop is for you.

If you’re looking for a rustic oak worktop and can’t make up your mind which would work best for your unique project, all you need to do is ask. At Wood and Beyond we’re here for you if and when you need us, and we pride ourselves on helping our clients find solutions that they mightn’t otherwise have thought of. Simply give us a buzz, reach out on chat on our website or pop into our Golders Green showroom and let us help you make the best possible choice for your kitchen.

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