Rustic Oak Flooring


As any regular reader of this blog will know, when wood is lumbered, it is graded into one of four different grades: prime, select, natural and rustic. Going from the start of the list to the end, the number and size of knots in the wood and the colour variation as well as the sap (which you generally can’t see) increases.

Prime grade wood for example is highly consistent in its appearance and has very few, very small knots. Rustic wood on the other hand has big knots and significant colour variation. Not so very long ago, prime wood was seen as the preferred choice of wood aficionados and rustic was the choice made by anyone who couldn’t afford any higher a grade. Thankfully this is no longer the case.

Rustic oak flooring creates a great look

Nowadays, each of the four grades of wood have earned their place in discerning interiors. Just because rustic oak flooring for example has more knots and significant colour variation doesn’t mean that it is any less worthy of your attention than prime oak flooring. AND, generally speaking you’ll be pleased to hear that rustic oak flooring comes with a lower price tag than prime. But that’s not the only reason for choosing it.

Particularly suited to bohemian and casual interiors

If you want a bohemian, casual look in your room, there truly is no better option than rustic oak flooring. With its real character, no matter whether you plan to furnish your room with genuinely old or ultra-modern furnishings, rustic has its place. In fact, if you’re shopping around for a floor right now and had discounted this option, it truly is time to think again.

rustic engineered oak vintage UV lacquered


Take this rustic engineered oak vintage UV lacquered option. It’s warm honey colour and lacquered finish make it a completely timeless solution. No matter whether you want to re-floor your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, lounge or dining room, this vintage look floor will tick all your boxes AND make you smile when it comes to price!

rustic engineered oak vintage floor that’s been UV oiled


If you want more of a natural finish to your floor, this rustic engineered oak vintage floor that’s been UV oiled is sure to delight. With all the great looks you’d expect from this sort of floor, thanks to the UV oiling, you also get a really natural looking finish. Again suited for use throughout the home, at less than £40 per square meter, we just know that this one will delight.

rustic solid oak country village UV oiled


And finally, if you want solid oak flooring this rustic solid oak country village UV oiled floor is for you. A chunky feel, 20mm board, this flooring will last a lifetime – and with the right care, a whole lot more! Again on sale right now for a price that’ll surprise you, this one is well worth checking out.

Can’t decide? Why not ask for help?

If you want a stunning floor without breaking the bank, you could use any of these three options. At Wood and Beyond we’re huge fans of using imagination rather than just cash to get great results. That’s why so many of our customers keep on coming back again and again, as well as recommending us to their friends and family.

If you’re on the lookout for a new floor and are busy debating which solution might work best for you, we can help. For example, if you’re within travelling distance of Golders Green, why not come in and have a coffee with our team and pick their brains? Or, chat with us online on our website. Our team of enthusiasts will be delighted to share their ideas and views with you without any obligation to buy. Alternatively, take advantage of our Free Sample service by clicking on the big yellow button on each product page of our website. That way you can see our flooring up close, in the comfort of your own home. We can’t help but think that if you step outside the norm, you will end up with a great result that might surprise your eyes and your pocket!