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Reconstituted Wood Flooring Unravelled

Reconstituted Wood Flooring


Reconstituted wood flooring is a much misunderstood flooring solution. While everyone is familiar with the look and feel of a great wood floor, people are realising that to find what you’re looking for can be more complicated than expected. There’s solid wood floor, there’s engineered wood floor, there’s laminate floor and there’s a whole host of terms used in the flooring world to describe each. In this article, we want to help explain what is meant by the term reconstituted wood flooring.

How reconstituted flooring is built


Reconstituted Plank


Let’s start by explaining how reconstituted wood flooring is built.

In a nutshell, reconstituted wood flooring is wood flooring that looks real to the eye and yet has a really clever construction that means it’s not only fabulous to look at, but it is tough, durable, stable and easy to fit.

Reconstituted wood flooring is a term that’s often used to describe a flooring solution that is constructed by bonding layers and layers of ply together to create a strong and stable core board. Once that core board is made, it is then topped off with a layer of solid wood. The end result is a floor that looks just like solid wood but has a host of additional advantages.

The advantages of reconstituted wood flooring




Ask anyone about the main benefit of reconstituted wood flooring and they’ll tell you that its stability is Number 1. If stability isn’t a term you’re familiar with, let me explain.

When wood is in its natural state, it expands and contracts as it comes in contact with rising and falling temperatures and moisture levels. When wood is still in the form of trees, they’re forever expanding and contracting as the conditions around them change. This isn’t a problem. Where it becomes a problem is where you cut that tree into planks and turn it into floor boards and squeeze them up together on a floor.

Even when solid wood has been lumbered, processed, acclimatised and treated, it continues to expand and contract when it comes into contact with rising and falling temperatures and moisture levels. And once your floor is nicely fitted in your home, this can become a problem. When solid wood floors expand and contract excessively, for example, when they are subject to significant temperature and, or moisture levels, havoc can result. This isn’t the case with reconstituted wood flooring.

The core board, which is at the centre of the whole design of reconstituted wood flooring is so stable that it will barely bat an eyelid as temperatures and moisture levels go up and down. In fact, this solution is so stable you can even fit it in bathrooms and kitchens, which are notoriously challenging for solid wood.


As we’ve just mentioned, the way reconstituted wood flooring is constructed means that it is arguably the most flexible wood flooring solution you can choose. Not only (as we’ve said) can you fit it in bathrooms and kitchens, but you can also fit it over under floor heating. This means that you can enjoy the floor of your choice in every room of your home. When you choose reconstituted wood flooring there is no need for compromise.

A great all-round solution

Reconstituted wood flooring is really appealing for all the reasons you’ve already read. So what you’re probably waiting for is the “but”. But the great news is that there isn’t one! Not only does it have all the benefits you’ve already discovered but when you choose this solution, you’ll also get:

Ease of fitting

Reconstituted wood flooring is no more difficult, and in many ways easier to fit than solid wood flooring. In fact, if you plump for a click system reconstituted wood floor, you’ll be really surprised at how simple it is to fit. Choose from floating, glue down or nail down, the choice is yours, but this option really is a dream to work with.

Great looks

With a whole host of different wood species, grades, finishes, board widths and thicknesses, as well as prices for every budget, this flooring solution has something for everyone. And a whole lot more.

If you’re in the market for a reconstituted wood floor, look no further. At Wood and Beyond we have one of the best selections online. Add to that the experience that we have to share and you’ll start to see why more and more buyers are choosing Wood and Beyond as their preferred supplier.

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