Reconditioned Wood Flooring

Reconditioned wood flooring is one of the hottest trends right now and it’s easy to see why. Anything that looks as if it has a load of history and heritage is in really high demand. No matter whether it’s aged leather goods, denims or flooring - reconditioned styling is BIG NEWS.

Reconditioned wood flooring in its purest sense is wood flooring that has been recovered from an old building, such as a school, a gym, a factory or a warehouse. Once recovered it is reconditioned and treated to give it a new lease of life. It doesn’t take a genius to work out that reconditioned flooring involves a huge amount of work and is costly.

There are two ways to remove a wood floor from a building that is either going to be demolished or renovated. The first way is to simply rip the floor up and dispose of it in the most appropriate way. The second way is to lift the floor carefully with the intention of reconditioning it and giving it a second lease of life.

When you opt for the second choice, a whole lot of care needs to be taken to make sure that the floor doesn’t get damaged when it’s being lifted. So, the first time consuming element of reconditioned flooring is the removal of the floor. Thereafter, the floor needs to be transported to a facility where it can be brought back to its former glory. That transportation costs dearly. And finally, the floor needs to be treated, restored and prepared to go to market. Even at that point, the marketing and distribution costs need to be added. So yes, you get it – reconditioned flooring is costly because reconditioning is a time-consuming and costly process.

The second issue with reconditioned wood flooring is that it’s not in huge supply. While there are plenty of reconditioned flooring options on the market, finding the exact one for your project could mean a very long wait. For many people it’s this lack of availability of exactly the floor that they want that forces them to look for other solutions. This is where Wood and Beyond comes in. We have lots of clients who come to us having initially planned to go the distance and hold out for their dream reconditioned floor. When they come, they come looking for a floor that has an aged look about it and here are 3 of the products they choose most often:

Any of these engineered oak reclaimed look brown UV oiled options. All of these floors are hugely convincingly like genuine reconditioned wood flooring. With a look that suggests that the floor has been reconditioned, rather than made to look old, it’s easy to see why this is the number 1 choice for people who’ve given up hope of finding the old floor they’d hoped for. The perfect floor for any room in the home, this reclaimed look floor will offset modern or traditional furniture perfectly. No matter whether you choose to install this floor in one room only, or throughout the home, you certainly won’t be disappointed and what’s more, it’s in stock and ready to deliver in a whole range of board widths and thicknesses.

This natural engineered oak flooring that’s click fit, coffee distressed and UV oiled. When you choose this flooring option, once again you get a distressed look that’ll offset your furnishings perfectly, no matter what style they are. Like all engineered wood floors, this floor is suitable for installation in every room, including bathrooms and kitchens – which makes it a really versatile solution. This floor will have even the purists fooled into thinking it’s genuinely old. A great look with either faded casual linens or smart antiques, this floor is the perfect backdrop to any room.

Natural engineered oak, click vintage light smoked, brushed UV oiled. Although this floor hasn’t been made to look old as such, it has a really natural vintage look to it. A nice light colour, it’s perfect for rooms that might be lacking a bit of light or small-ish rooms that you want to appear bigger. This floor has really interesting texture and would offset any style of interior at all. That said, it is particularly stunning with a pallet of neutral or pastel colours. But get creative – make it your own and enjoy it!

If you had your heart set on a reconditioned floor but are beginning to run out of patience for the idea, these floors are great options. Even though they’re not old, they have all the great looks of reconditioned floors together with all the convenience of new, modern, engineered floors. That’s what we call win:win:win!

If you need help to decide which floor might work best for your unique project, why not get in touch and take advantage of the huge amount of expertise the team here at Wood and Beyond has?