Reclaimed Oak Flooring

Reclaimed oak flooring is a great choice if you’re looking to achieve the new modern rustic look in your interior. No matter whether you’re looking to floor a lounge, kitchen, dining room or bedroom, if you make the right choices, you can be sure of a stylish interior that will last a very, very long time.

The thing with genuine reclaimed oak flooring, that’s to say oak flooring that has been recovered from the likes of an old barn in France or a school or dance hall in Fleetwood is that it’s really hard to come by. As anyone who has gone through the process will tell you, the time you need to wait for your dream floor to come along seem like an eternity. So what’s the alternative? In short, the very best option for reclaimed oak flooring, if you want to quickly achieve the new modern rustic look, is to choose a new floor that has been made to look old.

When you choose engineered reclaimed look oak flooring, you get all the stability and style of genuine reclaimed oak flooring, but without the wait. This option takes interiors to a whole new level, with a modern rustic look. Seen in stylish bars, hotels and restaurants, there are also plenty of examples of this sort of flooring in interior mags. Why? Because it’s a look that’s really sought after right now at the same time as being a look that’s unlikely to date.

At Wood and Beyond we know that our customers (quite rightly) demand the best, and this is why we’ve made sure that the reclaimed oak flooring that we’ve picked out will give you that new modern rustic look and be convincing even to the closest of critics. You can see our full range here. Basically sharing the common feature of being dark and aged looking, this sort of floor will perfectly offset any style of interior, but works particularly well with relaxed, plumped up sofas and chairs in washed out pastel shades, maybe with the occasional sheepskin rug to add interest and charm.

If we drill down to a couple of examples in particular, you’ll get a good idea of what to look out for if you are planning a modern rustic look interior using reclaimed oak flooring that is engineered.

First, this Select Engineered Oak Reclaim Brown UV oiled flooring promises a whole lot of bang for your buck. Currently on offer at 70% discount, this flooring is an absolute bargain. A highly convincing and authentic looking floor, it is suitable for installation in any room in the home and won’t disappoint. Its authenticity comes from the attention to detail that’s gone into the ageing process. As you will see from the photo, some of the edges of the boards have even been deliberately damaged to make this floor look as if it’s been through a lifetime of use already. Available to deliver to you immediately, with this option you’ll have no lengthy wait. You can have the reclaimed look you’re looking for quicker than you might imagine.

Second, if you want a slightly warmer colour option, there’s this equally authentic Natural Engineered Oak Reclaim Brown UV oiled flooring. Again currently on offer with a 70% reduction, this floor is hard to beat. It looks stunning with absolutely any style of furnishing and it is very much a look that will never go out of date. Still offering you the modern rustic look, this solution is very much what you’d expect to get if you waited around for a reclaimed floor from the likes of a very old house or even a bar. With a really lived in look, it’s a choice that will have you feeling completely at home from the word ‘go’.

If you’d like help to choose the perfect reclaimed oak floor for your interior, don’t be shy! Get in touch and make the most of the expertise you have at your disposal here at Wood and Beyond.