real oak flooring


Almost everyone is aware that colours create atmosphere and provoke emotions. Even from a very young age, for example, we associate red with danger. But what people often forget about is that even in a natural colour palette there are a whole host of subtle colour differences that could change the entire look and feel of your room. Real oak flooring spans from almost white to dark brown even in its natural state, but clever use of different finishes means that the colours of oak floor you find on the market span even wider.

In this article we want to inspire you to see how you can complement and contrast your interior and create a whole range of different moods and emotions.

Sunny and fun


If you want your room to feel as if it has been kissed by the midday sun or if you want to liven up a dull room, you should choose a honey toned, blonde floor to do the trick. This one in particular, a natural engineered oak that has had a non-visible UV lacquered applied, works throughout the home and will leave you feeling like you’re dancing across a sun-kissed sandy beach next to the ocean. It also benefits from being click system, so it’s a breeze to fit.

Warm and intimate


Reds and oranges suggest warmth and intimacy and these engineered oak flooring that has been smoked, conveys both of these things and a whole lot more. Its warm rusty tone is reminiscent of forest floors in the autumn time and it promises to bring real warmth and intimacy to any room in your home. Choose to combine it with light coloured walls or to contrast it with the walls and furnishings for a really dramatic effect.

Comfy and secure


Brown floors like this one don’t just evoke comfort and security, they make a real connection with nature. This natural engineered oak eco reef smoked and UV oiled floor won’t disappoint irrespective of which room you’re re-looking. No matter what you choose to combine it with, your room will take on a whole new look and feel when you introduce this floor. Choose this solution for any room, including bathrooms and kitchens, or go all out and have it as your flooring solution throughout the home. Either way, you won’t be disappointed.

Pure and timeless


White and very light floors are pure and timeless. Many people shy away from such a light coloured option, but the great thing about wood flooring is its ease of maintenance. This prime engineered oak flooring that’s called London white and has been UV oiled will breathe purity and timelessness into any setting you choose to put it. With an almost chalky look to its finish, it’s reminiscent of whitewashed floors of years gone by and it will brighten and lighten even the dullest room in your home. The other great thing about this solution is that it creates a real feeling of space when fitted in small rooms.

Fashionable and calm


Grey wood flooring isn’t just a great half-way house for anyone who’s not sure whether they want black or white, yet still want a monochrome feel to their room, it’s fashionable and calm to boot. A floor colour that, with the right imagination, works equally well in traditional and modern settings.

Stylish and luxurious


Black is synonymous with style, charm and class. It a colour that’s found in some of the world’s most luxurious brands and famous people’s wardrobes. And wood flooring is no different. If you want style, class and charm, this reclaimed engineered oak black floor that has been UV oiled is tough to beat. What’s more, the UV filter in the oil will help make sure that it stays as black in the future as it is today.

No matter what emotion you’d like to provoke in your room, no matter if you want complementary colours or contrasting combinations, we’ve got a wood floor solution to suit. At Wood and Beyond we pride ourselves not only on our knowledge of all things wood flooring, but also on the imagination and creativity we have to make sure you get the most from your wood floor budget. Why not get in touch to see what we can add to your next project?