Prussian White Wood Flooring


Prussian white is a term that’s being used a lot right now to describe floors that are almost icy white. Prussia, that was a historical German state and stretched into Poland is associated with stories of kings and royalty. It’s also a corner of Europe that gets pretty cold in winter time, which is probably where the term Prussian white comes from. Think icy streets, snowy hillsides and you’ll get the drift.

At Wood and Beyond, we have a really broad selection of white flooring because we know that not everyone wants white, white flooring; but we’re proud to say that we have a great stock of what could be termed Prussian white wood flooring nonetheless. You can find our full white range here. But in this article we want to focus on a range of Prussian white wood flooring options so you can zoom in on what you’re looking for.



This engineered oak flooring that’s called London White is a complete stunner. It’s a real snowy white option, but at the same time it still allows the real interest of the wood to shine through. And because it has an oiled finish, its look is nicely matt. This is an ideal solution for anyone who wants a really natural looking floor.



Or there’s this engineered Sunny White brushed and UV oiled floor which brings a really natural look to your home once again. Featuring an oiled finish, this floor is perfect in a relaxed setting. What’s more, it’s ideal if you’re wanting to plump for bright white, but don’t quite have the courage to go ‘all out’.



If you want a solid wood floor, then there’s this natural solid oak brushed white 22% hardwax oiled floor. Solid wood flooring went out of vogue for a while when everyone started to embrace the versatility of engineered wood flooring, but recently we’ve seen a real comeback. This solid wood floor has a white-ish feel to it and yet it still has that blondeness that is so heavily associated with real oak. Again, it’s a great half way house between natural wood colours and Prussian white wood flooring.



For anyone who’s looking for a soft, vintage look, this antique vintage polar white floor is unbeatable. Vintage is everywhere. From fashion to flooring, no matter where you turn there is a vintage option that will bring yesterday’s styling back to life and give it a real modern twist. This floor is perfect if that’s the look you’re after. Mix and match it with other vintage pieces, antiques or bang up to date modern furnishings and you’ll get a unique look that’ll be the envy of all your friends and family.



And finally, for something really different, this prime engineered herringbone sunny white brushed and UV oiled option is really hard to beat. Herringbone flooring has adorned stately homes and castles throughout Europe for centuries and really does scream style and class. This sunny white herringbone floor works in any room in the home, and we’ve even had clients use it throughout their homes to great effect. But if you’re looking for a real style statement in only one room in your home, this one’s a great idea. Check it out and see what you think.

So there you have it…a great range of white wood flooring that’ll add a feeling of light and space to your home that you’d barely believe right now. If you’re looking for something just a bit different and within budget, we’re sure you’ll agree that there are some real winners here.

Take a few minutes, have a browse around our website and reach out to us for our help. We’re here for you in our showroom at Golders Green, online or by phone. Whichever works best for you is perfect for us.