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  1. Hardwood Flooring Installation Mistakes
    Engineered Flooring & Solid Flooring

    Hardwood Flooring Installation Mistakes

    Hardwood flooring is not only a natural and attractive flooring option, it is hardwearing and can be a great long term investment for your home.  A good quality hardwood floor which is well installed, will enhance the look and the value of your property.  That said, if you don’t do your homework before installing your […]

  2. What Do Wood Flooring Grades Mean
    Engineered Flooring & Solid Flooring

    What Do Wood Flooring Grades Mean

    When it comes to wood flooring, the wood used is graded by the manufacturers according to its appearance. We have recently covered the topic of grades in wood flooring, but felt it deserved a further write-up. Generally speaking, the features taken into account when grading wood include (but are not limited to): the number and […]

  3. How To Choose High Quality Hardwood Deck
    Hardwood Decking

    How To Choose High Quality Hardwood Deck

      Decking is the perfect outdoor living solution.  A well planned, high quality hardwood deck will add living space to your home as well as providing the perfect spot to entertain guests or take in some rays.  If you’re in the process of planning a deck, one of your considerations is sure to be price.  […]

  4. How To Keep Your Wooden Worktop In Great Condition
    Wooden Worktops

    How To Keep Your Wooden Worktop In Great Condition

    Made from a completely natural product, wooden worktops are a great way to give your kitchen a stylish and natural look.  You can install wooden worktops to create a traditional or a modern look depending on the overall theme you have chosen and, with the right care your wooden worktops will last a lifetime. In […]

  5. How To Decide On Wood Flooring Finish
    Engineered Flooring & Solid Flooring

    How To Decide On Wood Flooring Finish

    Once you’ve made the decision to install a wooden floor, you’ll then be faced with the decision about the finish.  How you decide on which wood flooring finish to choose depends upon various things.  First, you need to decide what style of finish you like.  For example do you like a shiny look or do […]

  6. Grade Of Wood Flooring
    Engineered Flooring & Solid Flooring

    Grade Of Wood Flooring

      In our last blog post we explained about wood flooring types, which is your first consideration when it comes to choosing wood flooring. In this post, we are going to talk about flooring grade and finish, two more considerations to take into account. Grade Of Wood Flooring: Wood flooring grade will determine the decorative […]

  7. Wood Flooring Types
    Engineered Flooring & Solid Flooring

    Wood Flooring Types

      One of the biggest home remodelling projects any of us can take as home owners is fitting flooring. Nowadays, as a property owner your flooring options are plentiful, from carpet to tile and laminate. In this article however, we will explain about wood flooring. For one, it is the most popular types of flooring […]

  8. Why Choose Hardwood Flooring?
    Engineered Flooring & Solid Flooring

    Why Choose Hardwood Flooring?

      With so many of types of flooring on the market, you really will be spoilt for choice when you decide to lay a new floor, so why does choosing a hardwood floor make such great sense?  Apart from the very obvious benefits of a hardwood floor, like looking great and being super stylish, here […]

  9. Wood Flooring Fitting Methods Compared
    Engineered Flooring & Solid Flooring

    Wood Flooring Fitting Methods Compared

      When considering investing in a new floor, the fitting method you choose is a really important part of your decision making process.  So how do you choose which method will work best for you?  In order to help you decide, we’d like to explain the 3 main fitting methods available today: floating, glued and […]

  10. Project Photos Rustic Solid Flooring and Cumaru Decking
    Hardwood Decking

    Project Photos Rustic Solid Flooring and Cumaru Decking

    One of our customers emailed us a few breathtaking photos of their finished installation. The products in the photos are our fabulous cumaru decking and rustic solid flooring. We are very jealous of the scenery, which is truly stunning.

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