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Old Oak Flooring Distressed and Reclaimed

old oak flooring

Old oak flooring that’s distressed and has been reclaimed is a look that more and more people are looking for and is a great option to consider. When you’re creating your interior, the choice of different styles available to you today are enormous – so how on earth do you go about making the best decision for you?

One of the biggest decisions you’re likely to face is whether you want a crisp, clean modern look or a casual, comfy, classic look. If you’re plumping for the latter, then old oak flooring that’s been distressed and reclaimed is the perfect flooring solution to complete your look.

When you choose the old oak flooring look, you have two options open to you. The first is that you track down a reclaimed flooring supplier and give them your wish-list. Then you wait. And in most cases, you wait and wait and wait. While there are people who’ve been lucky and have stumbled over an old reclaimed floor very quickly many end up frustrated and running out of patience when their floor doesn’t turn up. So what are your options if you don’t have time to wait?

The perfect solution if you want an old oak floor that looks distressed and reclaimed is to buy new that has been made to look that way. The great thing about ageing and distressing effects today is that they’re so very convincing, even experts struggle to tell the difference between a genuinely old oak floor and a deliberately distressed and reclaimed look option. At Wood and Beyond, we have a range of solutions you could consider.

As you will see from this range of options, what you get with these new engineered wood flooring solutions is an immediately available, versatile, great looking floor that has the same texture as genuinely old oak flooring. With a choice of natural and select grades of wood as well as distressed, brushed and oiled finishes, you really will be spoilt for choice.

Here are our Top 3 Old Oak Flooring favourites:

Natural engineered flooring oak click coffee distressed UV oiled

Natural engineered flooring oak click coffee distressed UV oiled. This floor is simply stunning. When you look closely at it, it has an almost black and white feel to it although it is still a really nice, natural oak option. Stained with coffee and distressed in such a way that even the biggest skeptic would be hard-pushed to see that it’s not actually old, this floor looks great wherever you choose to lay it. Add to this, the fact that the boards of this floor are constructed in such a way that you can even install this floor in bathrooms and kitchens as well as super easy click fitting system and you start to see why this solution is one of our favourites.

Natural engineered oak reclaim brown UV oiled flooring

Natural engineered oak reclaim brown UV oiled flooring. This solution is part of a range of flooring that is natural engineered oak, reclaimed brown and UV oiled. We have a broad choice of board widths and thicknesses in stock because it’s so popular that we try to make sure there truly is something for everyone.

Natural engineered oak reclaim brown brushed UV oiled solution

Natural engineered oak reclaim brown brushed UV oiled solution. This final favourite is very similar to option 2, but has been brushed to open up the grain before being oiled. When you brush wood, then oil it, it really does develop the most natural, most appealing texture you can imagine.

And what’s more, all of these floors benefit from a UV filter in the oil that’s used to finish them, which means that when you choose one of these options you can relax even if your room is in direct sunlight. Why? Because the UV filters in these floors work just like a sunscreen does on skin and helps protect the wood against the possibility of fading.

If you’d like help to choose the very best old oak floor from our range for your home, why not chat to us on the website, call us or pop into our Golders Green Showroom? The whole team at Wood and Beyond are fanatical about all things wood flooring and just love a challenge – so feel free to come and challenge us!

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