Oak herringbone flooring

Oak herringbone flooring is a choice that more and more people are making. Seeking a wood floor solution ‘with a difference’ the people who choose this floor are looking for something that is traditional, yet has a modern twist. A style of wood flooring that has been used for centuries, the great thing about engineered versions of herringbone style flooring is that it doesn’t take an experienced artisan days and days to lay. With the pattern already present on each board, you can have your oak herringbone flooring in place quicker than you might imagine.

This style of flooring makes up a large part of our online solutions at Wood and Beyond and if you’re in the market for oak herringbone flooring, we’d encourage you to browse our full range, which you can find here. In the meantime, here is a good selection for you to consider:

UV lacquered

Prime Engineered Oak Herringbone UV Lacquered

UV lacquered flooring is the perfect solution for any high or heavy traffic areas in your home. So, if you have a project in the likes of a hallway or lounge, you can choose from this prime engineered UV lacquered option, this select solution, or this stunning American walnut choice. As you can see, we really do have a great range and all three will give you a finish that you can keep clean and looking great, no matter what your busy household throws at it.

Brushed and unfinished

Prime Engineered Oak Herringbone Brushed Unfinished

If you’re in any doubt about what sort of finish would work best in your interior, these prime engineered options is the perfect solution. A really natural looking floor, when you choose this solution, you get the peace of mind of laying your floor and then deciding what sort of finish would work best afterwards. Suited to any room in the home, including bathrooms and kitchens, unfinished flooring does involve a bit of extra work and inconvenience, but is hugely flexible nonetheless.

Coffee brushed

Prime Engineered Oak Herringbone Coffee Brushed

Coffee brushed flooring is a relatively new kid on the block, and this option truly is stunning. Coffee brushed flooring gives you all the great looks and charm of an old looking floor but without having the wait and frustration of trying to find a reclaimed floor that meets your requirements. Again suited to any room in the home, at Wood and Beyond, this is a particular favourite for lounges and dining rooms.

Smoked brushed

Prime Engineered Oak Herringbone Light Smoked

Most people think that smoked oak is dark, but we’ve managed to source both a light and a dark smoked option. Either of these would work fabulously in any relaxed interior, either used as a uniform solution throughout the home or as a feature in selected rooms. Choose from this dark, prime choice or if it’s a light finish that you’re after, this prime light smoked solution won’t disappoint.

Brushed UV oiled

Prime Engineered Oak Herringbone Sunny White Brushed

For anyone seeking a more classic look, then this warm honey toned option is for you. Ideally suited to bedrooms, lounges, dining rooms or sunny hallways, thanks to the UV filter in the finish, this floor won’t bat an eyelid no matter the conditions. And if you want to make a dark or gloomy room seem brighter, then this white solution is perfect.

Hardwax oiled

Natural Engineered Oak Herringbone Cemento

If you want an ultra-modern, cement look, this cemento hardwax oiled floor is for you. A stunning look for modern loft apartments as well as adding an interesting touch to traditional homes, this floor looks like cement but has all the comfort and appeal of real wood. A style that goes really well with modern furnishings of course, but it is also simply stunning in an interior that has a clever mix of old and new.

So there you have it…a great choice, but if you need help to make the right choice for your particular product, don’t hesitate to get in touch. At Wood and Beyond we’re brimming with wood floor knowledge and we’re always happy to share ideas with people who are looking for a unique solution.