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Natural Oak Flooring Excellent Backdrop To Bright Colours

natural oak flooring


If you’re planning a room where you have decided to make a real statement, either by using bright coloured furnishing and accessories or a real rustic look, getting your flooring right is paramount. It may well be that you have decided that your room is going to be a real power-statement of colour or is going to resemble a walk in the countryside with great looking country prints. Either way, the last thing you want is to have your floor steal the show.

When you’re planning a riot of colour or a real mix of prints, it’s essential to have a neutral and natural looking backdrop so that your floor isn’t competing with your star pieces. This is where natural colour oak flooring comes into its own. It truly is the perfect backdrop to bright or strong colours and rustic furnishings.

At Wood and Beyond, we’ve seen our natural oak flooring used with bright acid colours as well as chintzy country prints, both to great effect. In this article we’ll share a couple of great examples together with ideas on how you could use them in your home.

If you want a warm honey haze in your room, either UV lacquered option or cappuciino hardwax oiled solution will work perfectly. Both of these floors work really well with rustic furnishings, chintzy linens and prints. Each creates a real classic look and will set off rustic furniture and styling to a tee without stealing centre stage. A clever way of creating a modern look with a traditional twist, this sort of floor is a solution that you’ll never tire of.

If light and bright is more what you’re looking for, then why not opt for natural solid oak? Or, if you want a slightly darker feel, then brushed UV white is for you. Both of these floors look magnificent when combined with bright or strong colours. Because they are so neutral you almost don’t notice they’re there. But when you do, you really start to appreciate the additional beauty they bring to your room.

Alternatively, if your preference is for a truly natural, almost untouched look, the likes of natural solid oak UV oiled or brushed hardwax oiled solution is likely to tick all your boxes. The clever thing about both of these flooring solutions is that they’ll work a treat with either bright or strong colours or indeed rustic furnishings. This means that when you make this choice of floor, you’re not in any way tied to your interior styling for the long term. If you decide to change your style in the future, you can be sure that this floor will set off any style perfectly.

And finally, if you really can’t make up your mind, then the very best way to go is to plump for unfinished floor, which lets you make up your mind once the floor is in place. Although choosing an unfinished floor does mean that you have an additional step to take care of in your home, what it also means is that you don’t have to commit to what sort of finish you want until you see the floor in place. We find that this is an ideal solution for anyone who isn’t certain by looking at samples or images.

If you’re planning a real statement room and want to be sure to choose the right oak floor, why not get in touch? At Wood and Beyond we’ve styled all sorts of rooms from simple to sophisticated, from neutral to completely wild, so we can definitely help you make the right choice. All you need to do is call us, email us or hop on Chat on our website.

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