Minerva Collection Porcelain Tile


When you plan the look of your home, your floors and your walls are two of the biggest decisions you’re likely to make. They are the two things that’ll create the backdrop to everything else you add to your interior. Walls thankfully are easy enough to change, but floor decisions tend to be for the long term – or at least for more than a decade or two in the majority of cases.

Whether you choose, wood, tile, carpet or laminate will depend on the look you’re hoping to achieve and the budget you have. Until relatively recently, tiles have tended to be thought of as more of a south European choice for anything other than bathrooms. But when under floor heating became affordable for all of us, more and more people started to recognise the luxury, convenience and style that is offered by this solution.

At Wood and Beyond, we make it our priority to provide the luxury flooring that our clients are looking for, whether that be wood, tile or laminate. And to this end, we’ve recently introduced a fabulous range of luxury floor and wall tiles that we just know you’re going to love.

It’s called the Minerva Collection of Porcelain Tile Luxury Floor and Wall Tiles. And you can find the full range here. This range of tiles isn’t just great to look at, they’re perfect for any room in the home, and with the right care and attention will be a real long term investment.

Available in 600mm x 600mm squares, 450mm by 900mm rectangles and out of this world luxury, oversized 600mm x 1200mm rectangles, there really is something for everyone. Here are just some of the ideas we have to help you introduce this flooring luxury to your home, split by colour option to give you inspiration: 



Black Minerva Collection Porcelain Tile


There’s something really magical about black tiles that makes them just ooze luxury and style, and no matter which size of Minerva floor or wall tiles you choose, we just know you’ll agree with us. Irrespective of which room in the home you’re looking to reinvent, this choice won’t let you down. With a stunningly textured feel to them, these tiles will set the scene for any room you choose - from cutting edge modern to more traditional.

Grey and silver


Grey Minerva Collection Porcelain Tile


If you don’t quite have the courage to go all-out black, our grey and silver options are certain to tick your boxes. This option gives you a flexible, long term solution that’s sufficiently neutral that you won’t sicken of it. That said it’s sufficiently cutting edge so you’ll feel as if you’ve moved your home up a notch. It’s this win, win situation that makes silver and grey such popular choices. Either used as the only flooring solution throughout your home, or used only in certain rooms, this option is sure not to disappoint.



Ivory Minerva Collection Porcelain Tile


Minerva Ivory tiles in every shape that we stock are luxury and indulgence personified. A completely neutral backdrop, this colour choice will stand you in good stead no matter how often you decide to change your furnishings or wall décor. Neutral, so not at all in-your-face, yet noticeable at the same time, this Minerva ivory collection will work with you to make your home really stand out as something truly special and unique.

If you fancy enjoying luxury the Minerva way but could do with a helping hand to make the best choice, why not get in touch? At Wood and Beyond we do all we can to make sure every customer we have gets the support and expertise they need to make the right choice for their unique project. It’s by working this way that our clients keep coming back, floor, after floor, after floor – and that makes us very, very happy.