luxury wood flooring


When you think luxury wood flooring, most people automatically think of luxury properties and something that’s going to be outside the limits of your budget. At Wood and Beyond, we think that everyone deserves a bit of luxury in their life and that’s why we make it a priority to have a range of luxury wood flooring in stock at all times that is accessible on even the most modest of budgets. In this article, we’d like to share some really top of the range options with you that you’ll be able to afford even if you don’t want to invest a fortune.

Wide Plank Wood Flooring  


wide plank


Wide plank wood flooring is a choice that truly looks expensive. Everyone knows that you can cut lots of narrow planks from a tree, but only a very small number of wide planks can be cut. That’s where this option really gets its cachet.

In our wide plank engineered wood flooring range we have a really broad choice of species, grades, colours and finishes to choose from, all of which are great to look at and highly affordable. There are light colours, medium, warm colours and rich, dark colours, all of which add charm and great looks to any room in the home.

The other bit of great news about this luxury flooring is that it is suitable for fitting in any room in the home. So no matter whether you’re flooring or re-flooring a lounge, dining room, bathroom, kitchen, hall or bedroom, or your entire home, this option is ideal.

Premium Grade Wood Flooring




Premium or prime grade wood flooring is another luxury option that many people just assume will be outside of their reach. And surprisingly this isn’t the case at all. As you can see from our whole range here, the premium or prime grade wood flooring that we have in stock right now starts with price tags as low as £35 per square meter (in fact a few pennies under £35). What this means is that you can have premium looks for a bargain basement price. This really is great news.

And in fact, if you look at the range, you’ll see that our most expensive premium grade option isn’t all that expensive either.   Coming in at well under £80 per square meter, there is no reason why you can’t have the luxury wood flooring that you see in your dreams.

Herringbone and Parquet Wood Flooring




There are few things that scream out style and class more than herringbone and parquet flooring. That’s why we always make sure we have a great choice in stock. You can find our most up to date range here. As you’ll see there are colours and finishes to suit all tastes. From this almost white prime engineered oak herringbone, brushed and UV oiled solution right through to this almost black natural engineered oak herringbone dark Paloma UV oiled option.   In between, you’ll find rich honey colours as well as highly natural looking oaks.

When you choose this flooring range, you’re getting the same look that has adorned chateaux and stately homes throughout Europe for centuries.

Walnut Hardwood Wood Flooring




Walnut is synonymous with luxury and is to be found in some of the most stylish and luxurious homes and hotels you can imagine. With quite surprisingly affordable price tags, these walnut hardwood flooring options are a whole lot more accessible than you’d imagine.

The walnut flooring options we have in stock right now truly do offer something for everyone. From this almost black prime engineered solution to these lighter, almost tiger-stripe natural options through to herringbone, the only problem is going to be choosing which one would work best in your home.

If you’re on the lookout for the perfect wood flooring solution for your project, why not get in touch? At Wood and Beyond we pride ourselves on the impartial advice we give our clients as well as the great quality you get at great prices.