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Lino, the term commonly used to describe linoleum is a floor covering that’s made from a whole host of renewable ingredients. Often confused with vinyl flooring, lino flooring is actually quite different in its make-up. The main thing that vinyl and lino have in common is that they come in a single sheet and are known for being very pliable – which means that they restore their shape quickly.

Lino flooring has seen a bit of a rise in demand recently and some clients are asking us about how lino flooring and wood flooring compare. So, in this article we’d like to explore the 5 key points that help people make their decision when it comes to choosing the right floor for their project. We’ve done this so that hopefully, if you’re in the process of debating between lino flooring and wood flooring, it’ll help you make your decision. Here they are:




Like wood flooring, lino comes in every price bracket from budget-basement to top of the range. In fact, many people are surprised that some of the top of the range lino floors are so expensive. That said, a good quality lino looks good, is durable and easy to clean – so it’s easy to see the appeal. However, when it comes to price, what you really need to think about is whether you’re investing for the short, medium, long or very long term. If you want a quick fix that’ll tidy up a room where lino is an appropriate choice, you are likely to bag yourself a faster, cheaper solution with lino than you are with wood. That said, in many cases the year-on-year value you get is likely to be higher with wood than with lino (for the reasons we’ll outline below).




Lino and wood are both durable flooring options. Certain linos however are significantly less durable than most wood solutions. When you choose a wood flooring option, you get a really durable solution that you can freshen up several times during its lifetime with a re-sand and re-finish. It’s safe to say that there are very few flooring options that can be refreshed and renewed like wood can, and for this reason, wood flooring wins hands down against most lino in terms of its durability and lifespan because it deals so well with heavy or high footfall.

Suitability for the area



At the end of the day, when it comes to flooring in the UK, there are horses for courses. While at both the bottom and top end of the market, the right lino in a lounge might do a fine job, it is not the flooring solution you’d generally expect to find in a lounge. If you’re flooring a lobby, a lavatory or a laundry room, then lino is likely to tick many of your boxes, but if you’re looking for a reasonably priced, good looking flooring solution for a dining room or a lounge, then wood is much more likely to fit the bill.

Ease of care



When it comes to ease of care, many people mistakenly imagine that lino must be a whole lot easier to maintain than wood, but this simply isn’t the case. With the right approach, wood flooring is as easy to care for as lino. Each of these flooring options simply need a regular vacuum and a light mopping with a damp mop and if needs be a suitable detergent to stay looking great. And the secret to keeping any floor in top notch condition is being proactive and making sure dust, dirt and grime aren’t allowed to stay on the surface to the point that they can cause damage.




And finally, when it comes to installation, again there is no real reason why a wood floor needs to be a significantly greater challenge to install than lino. However, the reality is that you can unroll a length of lino faster than you can lay even a click system wood floor. But whether that is the right decision will be down to all the other factors we’ve discussed above.

If you’re debating the pros and cons of lino flooring versus wood flooring and would like some help beyond what we’ve discussed here, why not reach out and speak to us? We’d love to help you resolve your dilemma, and don’t worry, if we believe that lino is the best option for you, we’ll tell you. That’s why Wood and Beyond customers keep coming back time after time for advice.