light oak laminate flooring


Laminate flooring sometimes gets a tough time. To be honest, at Wood and Beyond we’ve struggled to find a laminate floor that meets out exacting standards, but we’re delighted to now be the proud stockist of a great range of laminates that we know our wood floor loving clients will adore. You can find it here. We’re incredibly happy to be able to bring you this range, and in today’s blog post we want to show you how you can create really clever interiors using light oak laminate flooring.

Two of the greatest things about this laminate flooring are that it is so affordable and really fast to fit. Literally, within a morning or an afternoon, without too much pain on your bank balance, you could have a whole new look in your room. Now that’s clever.

Ideal for any room in the home and even popular with certain commercial customers, this range is super-fast to fit, super affordable and super stylish. Here are just some of the light oak styles that we just know you’ll love:

Meet Bromo



Bromo oak laminate flooring is modern, classy and extremely affordable. Its light grey colourway means that it will add an industrial, lofty feel to even the most tired and gloomy of rooms. If you’ve invested in a few modern pieces of furniture, but are fed up with the old carpet or damaged floorboards you’re staring at day-in and day-out, this is a quick fix that’ll take your room to where you want it to be. A stunning addition to any room where you need or want a truly modern backdrop, this floor will not disappoint.

Calcic Oak



This calcic oak laminate flooring is as popular with commercial customers as it is with domestic and it’s easy to see why. With a light mushroomy oak colouration to it, this is one really stunning flooring solution, no matter which room in the house you choose to use it. This floor is so flexible that it looks absolutely great with either a complete riot of colour, monochrome black, whites and greys or a palette of pastels. What this means is that even if you’re someone who likes to change their colour schemes on a regular basis, this floor will look great no matter what you put with it.




Edinburgh laminate flooring will soon be hitting our shelves, and is already creating a lot of interest. As you can see it’s a laminate flooring that has loads of contrast close up. It has a real grainy, wood effect to it with almost a whitewashed finish. What this means is that it’s a relaxed style that won’t let you down no matter where you choose to put it. In fact, this floor is so wood-looking it almost makes you want to reach down and touch it to check. A really natural creamy colour, this choice is equally fitting for traditional rooms with lots of wood as it is for modern settings that are more steel orientated.




Nottingham laminate flooring isn’t unlike Edinburgh and is another light oak laminate flooring solution for clever interiors. What this type of flooring allows you to do is create a room setting for a fraction of the cost of a real wood solution. It lets you experiment – to taste and try before committing for the long term. In fact, with interiors as they are these days, many people don’t want or need a solution for the long, long term. They just want affordable, quality flooring with great looks. And the great news is that with a 20-year guarantee, these floors are pretty long-term too.

If you’re a like us and have been disappointed by laminate flooring in the past, we can’t help but feel that this range will get you thinking differently. A great way to have an affordable, high quality and stunning looking floor in next to no time, you’d be a fool not to check them out.