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Leveling a Washing Machine From Vibrating On Wood Floors

Discussions about leveling a washing machine to stop it vibrating on wood floors are really commonplace.   There is nothing worse than a washing machine which performs well for most of its cycle and then sends the whole room into chaos when it spins.  There are many reasons why a washing machine will vibrate, no matter the type of flooring you have.

Before taking any drastic action, you must make sure that your washing machine is completely level.  If not, it will vibrate irrespective of the type and condition of your floor.  Your washing machine will come with full instructions on the leveling process which you should follow, both when you first install the machine and at regular intervals if vibration appears from nowhere.  Furthermore, it goes without saying that you should make sure that your washing is equally distributed in your washing machine drum, as uneven loads will cause vibration.

Washing machines come with adjustable, front leveling legs or feet and a lock nut.  Each leg or foot needs to be adjusted to a level position and then locked in place using the nut.  Certain machines will also have rear adjustable legs or feet but in most cases, these rear legs are self-adjusting.  Either way, the aim is to make sure that all legs or feet are touching the floor and that there is no rocking or movement when you apply pressure to the machine. When leveling your machine, aim to leave it as close to the floor as possible as this will help minimise vibration.

If your washing machine continues to vibrate after you have thoroughly followed the leveling instructions, it may well be that your wood floor has warped or cupped through years of natural expansion and contraction processes.  If this is the case you may need to invest in shims or anti vibration pads in order to bring the machine back to a level footing.  Shims and anti vibration pads can be installed under one or more feet of the machine to help the leveling process and reduce vibration.

In a worst case scenario, it may well be that you need to call in a flooring professional to make sure that your flooring is on a stable base.  If the flooring seems level and the machine seems level, the problems could stem from your subfloor.  In this case, you will need to make the decision about whether to repair the root cause of the problem or move the machine.

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