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Key Differences Between Oak and Walnut

If you’re thinking of investing in a wood floor or solid worktop for the kitchen you’ll not only be aware that there is a huge choice of woods, but you’ll also know that amongst the most popular choice of wood flooring and worktops is oak and walnut. Oak and walnut wood flooring are both widely available and the main difference between the two is the grain.  This guide will help you recognise the differences between these two popular woods and will assist you in making the best choice to suit your needs.

Feature Oak Walnut
Strength Very Strong Extremely Strong
Shade Available In Natural and Rural Look Over Time American Walnut Will lighten and Brazilian Walnut Will Redden
Finish Availability Oiled, Brushed and Oiled, UV Lacquered, Smoked, Unfinished Oiled, Brushed and Oiled, UV Lacquered, Smoked, Unfinished
Price Excellent Value For Money Slightly More Expensive
Grain Pattern Tight Grain Open Grain
*Flooring Care Easy Easy

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