Supremo WPC Composite Decking Boards

Ask anyone who has a deck and they’ll be quick to tell you how much their lives changed when they introduced such a versatile inside, outside space to their home. More and more people are spending more and more time outdoors - even in the UK, where the weather isn’t exactly great. Yes, even in inclement weather, by adding the likes of patio heating and some nice lighting, spending time on your deck all year round is possible.

If you’re looking for a decking solution with a difference, we’d like to introduce you to our Supremo WPC composite decking boards. These boards, which come in three stunning colours are a really environmentally friendly option. Made from recycled products, Supremo WPC composite decking boards will stand up to even the toughest challenges the Great British weather throws at them. In this article, we’ll walk you through what we think makes this option so special.

A great alternative to hardwood decking

Composite decking is a really great alternative to real wood. Made from recycled products, it’s attractive to look at, hardwearing and environmentally friendly.

Why is it so great?

When you choose a hardwood deck, you need to be prepared to maintain your deck from time to time. The maintenance programme you should expect will depend on the weather conditions where you live as well as the wood you choose. However, when you choose a composite decking solution, like these Supremo WPC decking boards, you will have a very easy life when it comes to maintenance. In fact, all you should have to do is sweep down your deck from time to time and give it a hose over to keep it looking great.

When it comes to mold and grime, composite deck boards comes up trumps too. Put simply, it doesn’t let them take hold on the surface, so they won’t be able to make your deck look tired or dirty. Nor will they be able to make your decking slippery and dangerous under foot when wet. Add to this, the fact that this option comes in three different colours and you start to see why Supremo WPC composite deck boards are causing such a stir.

This dark chocolate board would look simply stunning with either bright acid colour accessories and furnishings or with whites, off-whites and creams. When you plump for this colourway, you really can’t go wrong. Alternatively, if ultra-modern is more your bag, you can go light and airy in shades of grey with this silver choice or slightly darker with mouse. These two grey tone options look stunning with black furnishings and a touch of stainless steel.

Is composite really better than real wood?

It would be wrong to say that composite deck boards are necessarily better than hardwood decking, but for people who like an easy life and want a bit of colour in their outside space, it really is the perfect solution.

Isn’t it more expensive?

Although Supremo WPC composite decking is a tiny bit more expensive than some cheaper wood decking options, it comes with a lower price tag than many hardwood options at the top of the range. Effectively a mid-price range option, where you do save money with this solution is in your investment in treatment and maintenance. Because it is so hardwearing and requires so little treatment investment, it’s reasonable to expect this sort of decking to work out a tiny bit cheaper in the long run than a wood equivalent of similar quality.

If you’re thinking of decking your outside space and could do with some help to choose between composite and hardwood, why not get in touch? At Wood and Beyond we’re here to help you make sure that the choices you make are the very, very best for your budget and unique situation.