Cosenza Collection Porcelain Tiles


At Wood and Beyond it goes without saying that we’re completely head over heels in love with everything that is wood flooring. However, we’re also realists and we know that some people like a mix of wood and perhaps tiles in their home. This is why we’ve worked our socks off to find a couple of ranges of tiles that fit in with our flooring philosophy and that we’re proud to have in our range.

One of them is the Cosenza Collection of Porcelain Tiles. This affordable range of porcelain tiles looks like it cost a fortune and yet is within the reach of even those with the humblest of budgets. Boasting a choice between square and rectangular shapes, we have opted for a really natural colour palette with everything from natural stone through to black. The shapes and colours of these tiles mean that they’re real classics but at the same time have a modern, edgy feel to them. Why not take a few minutes to explore the options?

Rectangular options

300mm by 600mm

Currently in stock in Deep Red, Almond, Negro, Terracotta and White, this range, which you can find here is elegant, clean and has a real design edge to it. Available in the full colour range, it has something for everyone. And because of the size of each tile, this option works equally well in small rooms as it does large.

450mm by 900mm  

Once more on offer in the full range of colours above, this 45 x 90 tile is slightly oversized and gives a real feeling of luxury, no matter where you choose to lay it. An option that works throughout the whole home, it looks particularly classy in lounges, living rooms, dining rooms and kitchens – but you could go the whole hog and run it throughout your entire interior.  

Square options

600mm by 600mm

Square tiles, particularly when they get to 60 x 60 dimensions really do make a statement. Add to this, the matt finish together with the rectified edge and you get a tile solution that just screams class and charm. Once more available in the full range of colours noted above, this slightly oversized square tile will take your room to a whole new level. You can find the full range here.

900mm by 900mm

Talking about square tiles making a statement – these 90 x 90 tiles just ooze luxury, style and confidence. And bizarrely, these big tiles work equally well in small spaces as they do big rooms. With the full range of colours to choose from you’ll be spoilt for choice and will feel completely indulged when you see the end result too. You can see the full selection right here.

The great thing about the Cosenza Collection Porcelain Tiles range is that it looks so natural and gives a real solid, classy feel to your room. Each individual tile is full of charm and interest - put them all together and the overall impact is stunning. No matter which room in the home you choose to put this floor, you’ll be immediately impressed at how your whole interior moves up a notch. They mightn’t be all that pricey, but the end result truly does look a million dollars.

If you’d like to see one or more of these tile options up close in the comfort of your own home, all you need to do is press the big red button on any of the product pages. When you do that, we’ll send you a FREE sample so you can see how great these look for yourself. All that’s left for us to say is “what are you waiting for?”