Oiling your wooden worktop will not only help it better stand up to the challenges of your kitchen; it’ll keep it looking good for longer.  A great way to stop your worktop from warping or bowing, the application of Danish Oil to your worktop will also make it water resistant.  With a truly natural look, Danish Oil won’t make your worktop shiny like varnish; it’ll simply enhance its natural good looks.

Danish Oil, which is based on Tung oil, is sometimes called Chinese Wood oil.  It is extracted from nuts, then processed and blended with synthetic resins and other oils to make it easy to apply, at the same time as making it particularly enriching for wood.  Once Danish Oil has been applied to wood in its liquid form, it subsequently dries to a hard, durable and water resistant seal, serving to protect your wood against the trials and tribulations that life throws at it.  Unlike many other oils, Danish Oil dries quickly which means that it doesn’t attract dust.  One of the other great things about Danish Oil is that it’s so easy to apply.  In fact, using Danish Oil on worktops couldn’t be simpler.

Applying Danish Oil to a new wooden worktop

If you’re installing a brand new wooden worktop, it’s essential that you treat it with Danish Oil before installation, otherwise the areas that are difficult (or even impossible) to access afterwards will remain untreated, leaving them at risk of damage.  So, before you install your new wood worktop you should make sure you oil absolutely every surface to protect it.  When you’re preparing your worktop for installation, it’s important that you apply 3 to 4 coats of oil to both surfaces and the edges to make sure your worktop is fully protected for it’s journey ahead.  If you’d rather not do this job yourself, your worktop supplier may well offer to deliver your worktop already treated and ready to install.  At Wood and Beyond, we offer a Danish Oiling service as part of our bespoke services, enabling you to take delivery of your worktop in a ready to install condition.

Once your worktop is in place, it’s important that you oil it a couple of times a week for the first two to three weeks.

Applying Danish Oil to a worktop that’s already in place

When it comes to maintaining your wooden worktop, it’s essential that you make sure you oil your worktop on a regular basis.  Three or four times a year should suffice, but if you’re in any doubt, it’s worth topping up the coating.

How to apply Danish Oil

As we’ve already mentioned, one of the great things about Danish Oil is that you don’t need to be any sort of expert to apply it successfully. The best way to apply oil to your wooden worktop is to pour it straight on to the wood.  Try to always work in the direction of the grain and work the oil outwards with a clean, dry, soft cotton cloth.  Aim to achieve a thin, even covering across the whole area of your worktop.  Each time you apply a coat, leave it for about ten minutes and rework it with your cloth to get a nice, even coating.  If you find that the worktop looks a bit patchy at the start, don’t worry because this will even out as you build up more coats of oil.  The final finish should have a nice even sheen to it.