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Herringbone Oak Flooring: Your Colour And Grade Options

Herringbone Oak Flooring

Herringbone oak flooring is a stylish and popular choice and when you look at the selection, it’s easy to see why! Available in a broad range of colour and grade options, when you choose this flooring as your solution, you really will be spoilt for choice. A style of parquet flooring that dates back centuries, more and more people are opting for this choice of oak flooring because it really does add significant style and charm to even the humblest of rooms.

When you choose herringbone oak flooring, you get a flooring solution that you can use throughout the home; even in bathrooms and kitchens where most people would tell you that you were mad to install wood flooring. Thanks to the way engineered wood flooring is constructed around a solid core board, it doesn’t expand and contract to nearly the same extent as solid wood. What this means is that when you choose to fit it in an environment where moisture and temperature fluctuate significantly, you don’t need to worry about gaps or distortions.

Selecting the grade and colour of your wood flooring might seem daunting if you’re in the process of choosing a wood floor right now, but it needn’t be. In this article, we’ll share some easy to follow secrets about wood flooring grade options that will help you choose, and when it comes to colour options, we’ll take a whistle-stop tour around what might work best in different interiors.

Herringbone oak flooring grade options

prime engineered oak herringbone

When wood is lumbered it is graded into one of four different grades. A few years ago people used to think that wood was graded according to its quality, but this is not the case at all. Wood is graded according to its look and its sap content. The four wood grades currently in use are prime, select, natural and rustic. The grade that any wood falls under will depend on the number and size of the knots that are visible, its colour variation and the amount of sap it contains. Generally speaking, the smaller the knots, the more uniform the colour and the lower the sap content, the higher the grade. However, as we have already stated, this doesn’t necessarily mean that one is any better than the other.

As you can see, this prime engineered oak herringbone floor has very few visible knots and is regular in colour. This style of flooring would work in any home and unexpectedly for a prime grade oak, isn’t expensive at all. Looking great when used throughout the home as a uniform backdrop, this solution is timeless and will look great for decades to come. Thanks to its coffee brushed surface, even when it’s newly laid, it will have that really popular ‘lived in’ look.

If select grade oak herringbone is more within your reach or on your horizon, you won’t go wrong with this select engineered oak herringbone option that has been UV lacquered. It’s adorable honey colour works no matter whether your home is state of the art modern, or more traditional. What’s more, it will fill your room with a warm light, irrespective of how dark and gloomy the space might seem right now.

Herringbone oak flooring colour options

Engineered Oak Herringbone Sunny White

When it comes to colour, once again you’ll be spoilt for choice with our herringbone oak flooring options. From light to dark and everything in between, we’ve got it covered. Here are just four superb solutions:

Light and airy

This sunny white prime engineered oak herringbone flooring has been brushed and UV oiled. The perfect solution to make small rooms seem bigger or dark rooms a whole lot lighter, this flooring is really stunning, no matter where you choose to fit it.

Dark and interesting

Smoking darkens wood and intensifies its interest. And this prime engineered oak herringbone dark smoked flooring that has been brushed and UV oiled is real proof in point. With a natural and convincingly aged look to it, if you dream of a reclaimed floor but can’t find what you’re looking for: this is the solution for you.

Two solutions that are ‘in between’

Engineered Oak Herringbone Cemento

Cemento flooring is cutting edge modern, but with all the great looks you associate with solid oak. With a convincing cement-look, this is natural engineered oak flooring at its most up to date. Add to its great looks, the hardwax oil protection you get, and you can see why it’s flying off the shelves here at Wood and Beyond.

Prime engineered oak herringbone flooring that’s been brushed and left unfinished. This herringbone oak flooring gives you all the choices in the world when it comes to colour. Coming unfinished, you don’t need to commit yourself to any decisions until the floor is laid. What this means is that you can buy in confidence and add your colour influence later. This really is win:win in our mind.

No matter what sort of wood flooring you’re looking for, at Wood and Beyond we have the solution. What’s more, we have decades upon decades of experience on hand that we can share with you to make sure that all the wood floor decisions you make are great ones. Get in touch if you’d like to chat through your options.

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