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Herringbone Floors Types And Prices

Herringbone Floors


Herringbone floors are in big demand. More and more people are on the lookout for floors that resemble the parquet flooring that was so commonly used in castles and stately homes across Europe centuries ago. When speaking about herringbone floor types and prices, it’s important to acknowledge that some people use the term ‘herringbone’ to describe parquet and chevron floors as well as pure herringbone. That’s why in this article, we’ll start by exploring the similarities between these different types before drilling deeper into pricing and what to expect.

Herringbone, chevron or simply parquet?

Parquet flooring, of which herringbone floors are an example, date back to the mid to late 1600s. French by origin, this style of flooring went out of fashion for a while but really is back in vogue. Not so very long ago, if you had wanted herringbone flooring, you’d have had to pay a craftsman to come, measure up and plan your floor. He’d then go away and cut all the boards to size and painstakingly lay them. The good news is that today, achieving any sort of parquet flooring is much more straightforward.

Herringbone and chevron patterns are very similar. The only real difference is that chevrons are more like arrows with the ends of each board butting up with the corresponding board facing it. Herringbones alternate, side by side one board to the next. Available in both solid and engineered wood varieties, herringbone floors can now be fitted throughout the home, even in kitchens and bathrooms as well as over under floor heating. And the great news is that because this style of flooring now typically comes in preformed boards, it’s an absolute breeze to install. This all adds up to you getting the great looks you want with a whole lot less hassle and effort.

Solid versus engineered herringbone floors

No matter whether you choose solid or engineered herringbone flooring blocks, you’ll get a great look that will tie in with your interior perfectly. Available in a range of species, grades and finishes, you really will be able to let your imagination run wild when you choose this style of floor.

The key things to consider when deciding between engineered and solid wood herringbone floors are the amount of moisture your room is likely to be exposed to, as well as whether or not the temperature in your room is likely to fluctuate significantly.

In rooms such as bathrooms and kitchens, where there is often heat and steam to contend with, then you should definitely choose an engineered herringbone floor. This is also the case if you have under floor heating. The reason for this is that engineered wood flooring is a whole lot more stable than solid wood and as a result won’t expand and contract to the same extent when it’s environment changes. When wood floors expand and contract excessively, this can lead to unsightly gaps and in extreme cases cupping and bowing which makes your floor ugly and sometimes even dangerous. Solid wood herringbone floors on the other hand are great for the likes of living rooms, dining rooms, halls and bedrooms where you don’t have under floor heating.

At Wood and Beyond, we have a great stock of engineered herringbone floors, which you can find here. We also have a range of chevron and parquet flooring that might inspire you too. You can find those here. Our prices range from just under £40 per square meter up to just over £60 per square meter. At Wood and Beyond we don’t stock solid herringbone bone flooring because we find that the engineered version is so versatile and so much like real wood, it suits more people and more projects. That said, there are solid wood equivalents on the market that cost, on average about the same and are great for people who prefer solid wood.

If you’re keen to source the right herringbone floor for your project, why not get in touch and take advantage of our expertise? Although we choose to stock only engineered herringbone floors, we’ll give you an impartial insight into options that might work best for you and your unique situation.

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