decking samples


The days are getting longer and temperatures are on the rise. People all over the UK are out preparing their outside space for the exciting summer months ahead. Indoor/outdoor living has never been as popular and cherished as it is right now. Life is busy and we all seem to spend more time than we’d ideally choose to indoors, so any time we can plan to be outside is special.

One way to make your outside space even more welcoming and more versatile is by introducing a deck. No matter how big or small your outside space, an area with decking will raise your outdoor living game to a whole new level.

If you have a decking project on your mind, you’ll be delighted to hear that at Wood and Beyond we now have hardwood and composite decking samples available so you can see them for yourself before you buy. Prior to this change, when you were wanting to see our hardwood and composite decking up close, you’d have had to come to our Golders Green showroom. Now all you need to do is click on the big yellow button marked Order Free Sample on any of the decking products that interest you.

The samples will then be sent out fast post (24-hour express delivery) at only a token cost to you and this will allow you to see the products up close for yourself.

When you choose to take advantage of our hardwood and composite decking samples service, you can make your choice with confidence. With a great range of decking in stock, you can shop in complete confidence at Wood and Beyond.

Here are all the current decking options that have a free sample service:

  1. Supremo WPC Composite Decking Boards. This low maintenance decking option isn’t only good to look at, it feels great under foot too. And here you can find the same product but in Silver Grey. And here in Mouse Grey.
  2. Iroko hardwood decking boards that use hidden fixings. This choice is great for anyone who likes a seriously clean finish. We have two different board sizes and this is the second.
  3. Moso bamboo x-treme ribbed decking with hidden finish. Bamboo is a great solution for decking that’s natural yet really hard wearing to boot. This decking option has all the great looks of any hardwood yet the regularity of a composite, so it really is win/win.
  4. Here you’ll find three different sizes of Ipe Hardwood Decking boards that are also hidden fixing. This decking option isn’t just affordable, it’s luxurious and long-lasting too – which is probably why it’s so incredibly popular.
  5. And lastly, these Teak Hardwood Decking Boards which are a true classic at a price that won’t break the bank.

All you need to do is browse these products, choose the ones that interest you most and then order your free samples. When you receive your decking samples, it’s a good idea to place them outside in the location you plan to lay your deck. Take time to look at them throughout the day and evening - you’ll be surprised at how different they look in different lights and in different weather conditions. Make a point of standing on them and even putting an electric light over them if you plan to use your deck at times when you need artificial light. All of these actions will help you make sure that you make the right decision for your project and have no regrets.

The great thing about working with Wood and Beyond on your decking project is that you know you have decades of experience behind you, helping you make the right choices all the way.

If you’re planning a decking project and could do with a helping hand, why not reach out and ask for help? We can help you decide which sort of decking would work best for you and even give you fitting advice. And of course you can take advantage of our Free Sample service and decide for yourself. All we want is that you make the right choices and can enjoy your decking as soon as possible.