grey vs. gunmetal


Grey wood flooring has seen a real rise in popularity over the last few years. The first grey wood floors that came to the market tended to be a bit ‘flat’ when it came to colour, which meant that they were slightly lacking in character. But the more recent grey wood floors that we’ve sniffed out have all the character you’d expect of a wood floor and in many cases a whole lot more.

One of the big grey floor trends that has come out of late is gunmetal. So if you’ve heard about gunmetal wood flooring and you’re wondering how to choose between that and straight grey, you’re in the right place.

Grey wood flooring ranges from light to dark, but gunmetal, as the name suggests has an almost metallic look to it. Even though the floor is made of wood, it has a finish that suggests there is a touch of steel or aluminum in there somewhere. Of course there isn’t but the floor has been cleverly made to look as if there is.

Let’s look at some examples that will help illustrate the difference:

Light grey


light grey


This top of the range natural engineered UK grey oak floor that has been hardwax oiled is simply stunning. Because it’s engineered, you can use it with confidence throughout the whole home, but this one really comes into its own where you want to create either an illusion of space or light. No matter how gloomy or small a room is, install this floor and you’ll suddenly feel as if someone has waved a magic wand and introduced extra space and light. Although it’s at the upper end of the price range of our grey floors, it’s still a great buy and is sure not to disappoint.

Mid grey


mid grey


For a solution that’s neither too light nor too dark, you simply can’t go wrong with this select engineered oak flooring in spring grey that’s been brushed and UV oiled. A really natural looking option, the grain of the wood in this floor is highly apparent thanks to the brushing process it has gone through. Perfectly suited to any room that’s likely to get its fair share of sunlight, you can be sure your floor is well protected thanks to its UV filter. Although this floor is grey, it still has a very ‘woody’ look to it and is a grey solution that you’ll never tire of. A real classic, this floor looks great, no matter what style of furnishing or interior you put it with – so let your imagination go wild with this one.

Dark grey


dark grey


If you’re looking for a darker grey colour that still has all the feel of natural wood, this natural engineered oak London grey floor that’s been UV oiled is for you. A floor that oozes class and charm, this option works in every room in the home and is particularly favoured by people who are looking for one single flooring solution, either in a large open-plan space or for use throughout the entire home. A floor that you’ll be able to use as a neutral backdrop or a style statement in its own right, this London grey floor will just look better and better as time goes on.





With a real aged, metallic feel to it, this natural engineered oak floor is called vintage metal grey has been brushed, UV oiled and is click system. What this means is that the grain of the wood is really apparent thanks to the brushing and the UV oiling and it makes your life a whole lot easier because it’s click system. Click system flooring, as its name suggests literally clicks into place. There’s no need for nails or glue when you’re fitting this one, which means it’s fast and easy. Even a relatively inexperienced DIY person could comfortably take this solution on and get a great result. And with its metallic look, it’s industrial looking and bang on-trend.

If you’re on the lookout for a grey or gunmetal floor and need more specific advice than we’ve given here, don’t hesitate to ask. At Wood and Beyond our team has decades of wood flooring selection, fitting and styling experience and we’re always happy to share it. All you need to do is email us, pick up the phone or speak to us on chat on our website. We’d love to hear from you.