Porcelain Tiles


Any of you who have been following our articles of late will know that we’ve introduced a super collection of tiles to the flooring options we stock at Wood and Beyond. Tiles are a great way to create interest and charm in your home without breaking the bank. A solution previously thought of as exclusively for hot climes, along with the affordability and accessibility of under floor heating has come a real rise in the popularity of tiles.

At Wood and Beyond we’ve scoured the globe to find a collection of tiles that we’d be proud to offer you and you can find it here. With 4 ranges to choose from; Oristano, Cosenza, Apollo and Minerva, we truly believe that this collection has something great to offer everyone. But one question we get asked regularly when people are choosing their tiles is what texture they should go for.

This inspired us to write this Guide to Porcelain Tiles Textures. If you’re shopping for tiles and are wondering which texture might work best for you, hopefully this guide will help you choose. Here are the 4 textures of tiles we have in stock right now:

Slate cut


Slate cut


Slate cut tiles, as you can see from the images on this page of our website are tiles that have been cut to look like hand cut roof slates. The traditional look of old slate roofs isn’t just charming, but it has a real implied history about it. And these floor tiles are no different. A great way of adding a heritage feel to even a new build, slate cut tiles add lots of interest and charm to your floor. Available in a range of colours and finishes, these tiles are perfectly suited to modern as well as more traditional settings. So if you want a floor with plenty of character, then these slate cut tiles are for you.



flat cut


Flat tiles, as the name suggests are flat from centre to edge and give a highly uniform and consistent feel to your floor. Perfectly edged to butt up against each other, when you choose this option, you know you will end up with a precise and neat look in your room. But don’t be fooled into thinking that you need to carry this styling on throughout your entire interior. While flat textured tiles are a great way to add uniformity and neatness to your room, you can still go wildly shabby chic around your neat and tidy floor. Just think of it as a neutral and neat backdrop to any sort of interior you want to create and you won’t go wrong.



brushed cut


Brushed tiles have an almost vintage feel to them. They are highly natural and often look and feel like other materials such as wood or rubber. Brushed texture tiles are a great way of adding luxury, charm and depth to even the simplest of rooms. With a reach out and touch me feel about them, there’s no getting away from the fact that this sort of floor adds a certain richness to any room. Suited for installation throughout the home, we think that these tiles work best where you’re flooring a big space so you really get to appreciate the charm they bring. That said, if you have a home that’s made up of small rooms you shouldn’t miss out either. So, in our view, if you haven’t seen them already, these brushed textured tiles are well worth checking out.

We hope this guide has helped de-mystify tile textures for you, but needless to say, if you’d like any help whatsoever in choosing the right tiles for your project, you only need to ask. At Wood and Beyond we love nothing more than helping our clients find the perfect solution for their unique interior.