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Grey Flooring - Your Options Summarised

grey flooring


Grey flooring is really popular and it’s easy to see why. For any regular visitors to this blog, you’ll know that we’ve written a few articles on this subject, but we’ve been finding lately that a number of people have been asking about it, and with this in mind we’ve decided to pull together a neat summary to make things easier for you. Here it is…

Why choose grey flooring?

The answer to this question is easy: it’s a great way of making a fashion statement, but one that you won’t tire of. When many people chose black flooring a few years ago, they did so thinking that they’d made a great choice that they’d love for a lifetime. However, the reality is that black flooring is such a statement that some people are already turning their back on their choice in the pursuit of something a bit more neutral.

The great thing about grey as a colour is that it’s powerful enough to stand out, but not so powerful that it stands out to the extent that you sicken yourself of it. In other words, grey is neutral enough not to scream high fashion but at the same time will make its presence felt.

Different types of grey flooring

If you’ve decided that you want a grey backdrop for your room, there are a whole host of options to choose from. Everything from carpet, through wood, vinyl, laminate and even tiles come in grey these days and deciding which will work best for you depends on your unique circumstances. That said, the fact is that fewer and fewer people are plumping for carpet these days. While certain interiors still call out for the plushness of a carpet, the reality is that most people who have experienced the benefits of a hard floor are reluctant to go back.

So how do you choose between the likes of wood, laminate, vinyl or tiles? Clearly at Wood and Beyond our preference is for wood, but we’re not single-minded enough to ignore the others. So, if you’re thinking of a vinyl or tile floor or are even keen to go the laminate route there are good reasons for and against each.


Generally speaking, we find that a lot of laminate flooring on the market is really poor quality and just screams out “I’m not the real deal”. However, due to customer demand, we’ve scoured all the possible options and have come up with a range of grey laminate flooring that ticks our boxes here at Wood and Beyond. You’ll see by looking at it closely that even a real wood skeptic could be fooled by this one. It’s easy to fit, looks great and feels incredibly good under foot. If you’re in the market for a laminate, it’s well worth ordering a Free Sample or coming down to our Golders Green showroom to check it out.


Any regular reader of this blog will know already, that at Wood and Beyond, it’s wood that floats our boat. Solid or engineered, we love both equally and when it comes to grey, we know that it’s a real winner of a colour, which is why we have a really extensive choice in stock. And when you choose from this range, you can be sure you get great service, a great product AND a great price, all rolled into one.


At one time, people had a vinyl floor because they couldn’t afford carpet. This is no longer the case. There are a whole host of attractive, affordable and appealing grey vinyls on the market today. An easy maintenance option, it not only looks great but is easy to look after too. The thing to be aware of when you choose vinyl is that you choose a good quality option because it does have a tendency after time to show the line of traffic in your room, which isn’t too appealing.


Although tiles look great and the choice on the market today is extensive to say the least, our only criticism of this choice at Wood and Beyond is that it can be cold under foot. If you don’t have underfloor heating and you don’t live in a Mediterranean climate (it’s pretty safe to say that none of us in the UK do) then tiles do have a tendency to feel cold. While that isn’t an issue in the likes bathrooms and maybe even kitchens, it’s not necessarily what most people want in their lounges or bedrooms.

So there you have it – a real round-robin of the grey flooring options that are open to you right now. If you’d like help to make your choice, why not get in touch so we can find out more about your project and give you all the help you need?

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