grey floorboards


Grey floorboards are bang on trend. In fact, they are probably one of the latest flooring trends to really take the flooring world by storm. A colour option that’s nicely neutral, yet super-fashionable at the same time, it’s easy to see why grey floorboards are so popular. At Wood and Beyond we like to constantly have a range of modern and traditional wood flooring in stock, and that’s why at the moment, our focus is on having an extensive choice of grey floorboards. Here are just some of the trends that are in high demand right now.

From traditional dark to lighter grey shades



Both traditional dark grey floorboard shades like this one as well as lighter grey shades like this are flying off the shelves right now, and it’s not surprising. Both of these options have a real wood feel to them, which means that they are not only highly modern, they are also a choice that you’re unlikely to tire of. What we often find with latest trends is that they are short-lived. But when you choose these traditional dark or even light grey shades, you can buy in confidence, knowing that your selection will stand you in good stead for many, many years to come.

Washed grey and almost green grey



If you want a highly relaxed feel for your grey floorboards, then this London grey brushed option is for you. A nice, washed, mid-grey colour, this floor has an almost green-y-grey feel to it, which means that it not only blends in nicely with almost any other colour you throw at it, but it has a real charm in its own right. This floor works really well throughout the home, but is particularly effective in relaxed lounge spaces and chill-out bedrooms.

Brushed grey



Brushing wood really brings out its natural charm no matter the colour of the floorboard, but with grey floorboards, it has a particularly stunning effect. The likes of this light grey brushed and UV lacquered floor isn’t just charming, it’s highly practical too. The great thing about a UV lacquer is that it means you don’t need to panic if there’s a spill or a splash on your floor. You know it’s protected. That’s why this option is so very good for halls, kitchens and bathrooms, as well as being the ideal solution for kitchen-diners or open plan homes.

Wider planks of grey



That well known film may have been 50 Shades of Grey, but at Wood and Beyond, our blockbuster is Wider Planks of Grey. Wide planks truly are all the rage and when you combine wide planks and grey colour, you’ve got a grey floorboard combination that’s a winner all round. These really are the latest trends for grey floorboards. So if you want something really different that’ll catch the eye of everyone who visits your home, check out these spring grey brushed and UV oiled wide boards.

And finally, if you decide your budget won’t stretch to an engineered wood flooring solution, why not check out these stunning grey oak laminate flooring that’s a complete bargain and will have even the biggest wood fans fooled. It really is a walk in the park to lay and is the type of solution that means you will still have a whole lot of cash left in the bank for Christmas and beyond.

So you if you want to keep up with the latest trends and fit grey floorboards, you’ll see that at Wood and Beyond you’ll be spoilt for choice. If you’re not sure which to choose, why not avail of our free sample service by clicking the red button on any of the product pages, or get in touch? We’re here to help.