floor tile


Choosing the colour for your floor tiles can be a challenge. Maybe you’ve seen something you like the look of in a magazine or online? Or you’ve possibly got no idea whatsoever which colour of tiles would work best for your project? Either way we invite you to enjoy our Floor Tile Colour Guide that shows you Your Options in a Nutshell.




grey floor tile


You can find our selection of grey floor tiles here. Grey tiles are a great option for anyone who is keen to create a modern, stylish interior but isn’t quite ready for black or white. Grey is a great compromise between making a statement and knowing you won’t sicken of your choice in time. We have a great selection of grey tiles from very light through medium grey to dark and smoky grey. No matter what size or shape you choose, you can be sure you’ll get an end result that’ll have your friends and family in awe of the look you achieve.



white floor tile


If white is more your thing, then you’re sure to find our white range really interesting. You can find it here. You’d be forgiven for thinking that white tiles give off a cold feeling and are more suited to a hot country than the UK. But if you’re thinking that way, it’s time to think again. The white tiles we’ve added to our collection at Wood and Beyond are light and bright, but don’t feel cold at all. A great way to add light and space to a small or dark room, our white range of tiles look fresh, clean and stylish. What’s more, if you have under floor heating, you’ll soon see that they’re not cold under foot.



black floor tile


Black is a colour that neither dates nor goes out of fashion, so isn’t just a stylish option, it’s a timeless and safe option too. Here is our black range of tiles which we’re sure you’ll find inspiring as well as exciting. Choosing black tiles is a real statement. Making this confident choice creates drama and raises even the simplest of rooms to a whole new level. Although not a choice for the faint hearted, black tiles are guaranteed to add a depth of interest and luxurious feel to your room. So, if you’re looking to create drama and style without the need to spend on much more than your floor, this choice is for you.



brown floor tile


Brown is a great solution if you want something highly natural, yet classy at the same time. The brown tiles we have in stock are here and as you can see, they range from a light gold colour to a mid-to-dark Madeira brown.  When you choose from our brown range of tiles, you know that you’re going to achieve a look that is highly natural and calming. A super choice for either multi-purpose open plan living or for a calm and intimate bedroom or living space, you simply can’t go wrong. With a real reach-out-and-touch-me feel to them, these tiles just ooze luxury and prestige.



beige floor tile


Beige is neutral, natural and hugely appealing, which is why we’ve made a point of having a good stock of beige floor tile options. You can find them here. As you can see, they have an almost golden look to them, which is possibly why they have a such a rich and luxurious feel. These tiles are full of interest and charm and even if you spent 24 hours a day looking at them for the next 5 years you’d find different patterns and detail almost every day. When you choose this option, you’ll elevate even a really basic room to a room that looks like you’ve spent a million dollars on it – without breaking the bank.

We hope our guide to floor tile colours has helped move you closer to choosing the right colour for your project. But of course, if you’d like more help, we’re here for you. All you need to do is reach out on chat on our website, email us, call us or pop into our Golders Green showroom and you can pick our brains and get our ideas. We’re always happy to help.