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Engineered Wood Flooring And Underfloor Heating

If you’re thinking about installing wood flooring over underfloor heating, you’ll be only too aware of the many debates going on about the subject.  The first thing we’d recommend is if that you’re planning to install wood flooring over underfloor heating, it must be engineered wood flooring and not solid wood flooring.

Engineered wood flooring is available in a huge range of finishes and styles and is made from two or more layers of wood which have been joined together to form a plank.  Engineered wood flooring is topped with hard wood which gives it its appealing and natural look.  What’s more, because engineered flooring is topped with hard wood and because of its layered structure, it is a really stable flooring option.

The top layer of engineered wood, which, as we’ve mentioned, is usually made of hard wood which is glued to the core of the plank which is then machined to create the tongue and groove flooring.  The construction of engineered wood flooring means it’s less susceptible to the expansion and contraction issues associated with moisture and temperature fluctuations which often cause problems with solid wood flooring.

When you’re choosing engineered flooring to go over underfloor heating there’s a few things you need to respect.

1. To ensure energy efficiency, the overall thickness of the flooring you choose should not be more than 18 mm
2. The top layer, i.e.  the real wood layer, shouldn’t be more than 5 mm thick
3. We recommend that the engineered floor is glued down

Any engineered wood floor which is being installed over underfloor heating needs to be glued down because this method allows for the expansion and contraction of the floor as the temperature rises and falls due to the flexibility of the glue.  What’s more, a glued floor helps prevent the appearance of air pockets which can occur over underfloor heating. Find out more about wood flooring fitting methods.

Image by flickr under cc license.

2 thoughts on “Engineered Wood Flooring And Underfloor Heating”

  • alice rovai

    Can you help

    I have been advised that with the UFH and Engineered wood the temperature must not be set at more than 27 degrees.
    I have mine set at 19 (room temperature) but when the heating has warmed up the floor itself goes to more than 30 degrees. I need to know if this is harmful to the wood. Also we do not have a temperature probe under the actual floor only the thermostat on the wall.

    • Jonathan Sapir

      Hi - The temp which reach to the surface should not be more than 27C. Normally the Temp in the room reflects the surface level, so if your UFH output to surface is 30 C than it is not good. The might (depending on quality and thickness) will likely damage.
      Hope it helps.

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