dark rustic engineered


Dark rustic engineered wood flooring is something that more and more people are searching for. However, we’ve found that when we speak to some of these people, when they ask for rustic, it’s not necessarily the grade of wood that they’re meaning – it’s more the look of the wood. That’s what inspired us to write this article.

Rustic is one of four grades that wood is classed into when it’s lumbered. Rustic wood is typically a grade of wood that sports big knots and irregular colour patterns. But what we’ve found is that people are using the term ‘rustic’ to mean country-style or simple, rather than referring to the grade of the wood itself. So if this is what you’re looking for we’ve got some great examples to share with you today.

Coffee coloured with a really rustic feel

natural dark rustic


These engineered oak click coffee solutions are a great solution in a rustic setting. Its apparent grain and its natural look are synonymous with the countryside. Add to this, the fact that it is click system and you start to see why so many people plump for this option. A solution that you can fit throughout the home, including in bathrooms, kitchens and over under floor heating, this floor is as versatile as it is good looking. Take a few minutes to check it out for yourself.

A smoky darkness that’s really charming

smoked dark rustic


Alternatively, you could plump for engineered oak smoked floor that is dark because of its smoked effect. Again a really super choice that you can use in any room, this smoked and brushed floor will set off a rustic room, no matter whether you’re planning to furnish it with modern rustic furnishings or old fashioned stripped country pine. With 70% off its original selling price at the time of writing, this floor is also a real bargain as well as being stunningly good looking.

Slightly lighter but stunning nonetheless

cocoa dark rustic


Or there’s this select engineered oak dark cocoa brushed and UV oiled floor which simply stunning! It’s easy to see why it’s called cocoa. Slightly lighter than the previous options, most of our clients say that it still falls into the dark rustic spectrum for them. This floor has been brushed to open up the grain and then finished with a UV oil, which means that it is really natural to look at and protected from the harmful effects of the sun.

Reclaimed from a country pub?

brown dark rustic


Thereafter, these engineered oak reclaim floors are really hard to beat. Reminiscent of country cottages, it is arguably one of the most rustic looking floors we have in stock. With a surface that makes you want to reach down and touch it, the ageing process used in the making of this floor means you’d be forgiven for thinking it has maybe lived a long life in the likes of a country pub or old country cottage. However, that’s not the case, because this floor has all the great looks of an old floor but all the advantages of a modern day, engineered flooring solution.

Something really different

herringbone dark rustic


And finally, if you’re looking for something really different, this prime engineered oak herringbone dark smoked brushed UV oiled floor is hard to beat. Although this floor is prime grade, it still works really well in a rustic setting. We’ve seen it used to great effect in country-style kitchens as well as rustic lounges and bedrooms. The herringbone pattern is a classic parquet style and would set off modern or traditional rustic furnishings to a tee.

We hope you’ve found inspiration for dark engineered flooring from this article, but if you’d like more help, we’re here for you. At Wood and Beyond we pride ourselves on the experience we have and the advice we have to offer. We love nothing more than helping a customer find a wood flooring solution that ticks all their boxes – especially if it’s a solution they hadn’t even considered before.