dark hardwood flooring


Not so very long ago, dark hardwood flooring has become the preferred choice of young, trendy designer types looking to re-floor their lofts with a view to furnishing them with a heady mix of stainless steel and leather. Thankfully, more and more people are realising that dark hardwood flooring can add real charm and style, no matter what sort of interior you’re planning. In fact, one of the greatest things about dark hardwood flooring is that it can be used to mix and match with any sort of furnishing – pretty much without exception.

If you’re tempted to plump for a dark hardwood floor, you can see our full range here. As you will see, there is a great choice of over 80 different floors in this category. That will give you a good idea of how in demand this solution is. With prices ranging from real bargain basement, there are no floors on offer at more than £80 per square meter; which means that you truly can take your pick of this style of flooring without breaking the bank.

Here are just some of the floors that we’ve seen used in great settings:


These Engineered Oak Jet Black floors are so dark, you’d be forgiven for wondering whether it is actually completely black. As we mentioned in the introduction to this blog post, this style of floor has been somewhat stereotyped into a role of suiting hyper-modern interiors. However, at Wood and Beyond, we have seen this floor work really well with a comfy, casual look interior made up of squashy linen sofas and soft sheepskin rugs. Creating an almost alpine chalet look, not only is this floor a complete bargain, it is also easy to maintain and really flexible in terms of where you can use it.


Alternatively, if you want dark hardwood flooring but you prefer more of a traditional brown wood colour, then these engineered oak coffee solutions are for you. Again, a highly versatile option, this is a floor that you’ll never tire of. What’s more, because it’s been UV oiled, even if your room is in bright, direct sunlight, you can rest assured that it is protected, thanks to the clever sun filter in the oil that it has been treated with. A great solution if you want a really natural looking floor, this option looks fabulous either used in one-off settings in rooms such as lounges, bedrooms, dining rooms, kitchens or bathrooms, and is absolutely stunning as a complete solution throughout your home or apartment.


If a vintage or aged look is more your bag, then this dark hardwood timber select engineered oak reclaimed brown UV oiled floor is for you. With a cleverly convincing aged look, this floor could quite easily be mistaken for an option that has been reclaimed from an old building that’s about to be demolished or renovated. Once more a flooring option that suits everything from cutting edge designer interiors through to shabby chic or even top end antique, this floor is arguably one of the most sought after floors in our range right now. And thanks to its engineered construction, it can be used in every room in the home as well as over under floor heating.


For anyone looking for something really out of the ordinary, this natural engineered oak herringbone dark Paloma UV oiled dark hardwood floor is for you. Stunning is the only word we can use to describe it. Its parquet style, complete with its dark colour makes it really, really unusual. We’ve seen this floor used in a mix of modern and more traditional settings and put simply, “it works” fabulously in both. Thanks to its interesting pattern and texture, you could add this dark hardwood flooring to even the humblest of rooms and discover how it takes even the simplest of interiors to a whole new level.

So as you can see, dark hardwood flooring needn’t mean flat black flooring. It has a whole range of options to offer you and to be honest, the only thing that will limit your choice is your imagination.

If you’re struggling to imagine any of these solutions in your home, you can either come along to our Golders Green Showroom and take a closer look or order a free sample on our website. Of course, if you’d like to chat through your options, the whole team at Wood and Beyond is here for you and ready to answer all your questions. All you need to do is get in touch.