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Choose Black Oak Flooring To Create Luxury Interiors

black floor


There’s no getting away from the fact that dark coloured floors ooze luxury, style and class. Think of some of the major hotels in the world and you’ll soon get the image we have in our heads here. But achieving that luxury style doesn’t always come cheap. The great thing about black oak flooring is that you get a luxury interior without investing an arm and a leg.

This natural engineered oak reclaim black UV oiled flooring is perfect in a relaxed yet luxury setting where you’re either planning to have white or pale walls and an abundance of soft, squashy furnishings. This black oak flooring is completely stunning and has been really authentically made to look old, which means that anyone who comes to your home will be convinced that you’ve recovered it from some old building with love, care and attention. Only you need to know the truth!

This is a great solution for a stunning sitting room, but works equally well used in the likes of bedrooms, dining rooms, kitchens and bathrooms. In fact, because this floor is so stable, you can even fit it over under floor heating. And if you want to create a real statement, and you’re either flooring a new-build or an entire renovation, why not go all out and install it in every room? This approach not only screams style; it oozes confidence as well, really taking your home to another level.

If you want a more uniform finish that screams elegance and charm, then these engineered oak jet black floor is for you. The great thing about this black oak flooring is that the UV filter in the lacquer means that no matter how sunny your room, it’ll look great for a very, very long time because it is protected. When you choose this flooring option, you can team it up with modern or traditional furnishings. What’s more, it works great with a stunning white backdrop or equally well with flashes of colour.

At Wood and Beyond we’ve seen this floor used throughout the home to great effect, both as part of a monochrome interior or as a key player amongst a riot of colour. This floor really comes into its own when used in rooms where they’re not too overcrowded and it gets space to make its statement.

And if you want something really unusual, these engineered oak black tea fits the bill perfectly. As the name suggests, it’s has a very dark tea coloured tone to it. This floor is really warm and yet it’s still a black oak floor that screams luxury and quality. Again we’ve seen it used in pretty much every room in the home to great effect and funnily enough, it looks equally fabulous in small rooms as it does big. A real all round solution, this is a perfect option if you’re not too sure about going all-out black, but want a very, very dark wood nonetheless.

Finally, if you like an easy life, then there’s no doubt that click system flooring is for you. Quick to fit and even suited to a relatively novice DIY-er, this natural engineered oak click vintage jet black brushed and UV oiled floor solution has your name all over it. An absolute breeze to install, you’ll have your new floor in place in no time, and looking fantastic. Because this floor has a vintage look as well as having been brushed prior to oiling, there are few options that are more natural looking. Sumptuous in lounges, bedrooms, dining rooms and even hallways, this floor never disappoints.

No matter whether you’re planning on creating a luxury, designer edge space or you want your black oak floor as a backdrop to something more traditional, you simply can’t go wrong with any of these choices.

At Wood and Beyond we’re here for you. If you are struggling to make up your mind from all the choices we have, all you need to do is reach out and speak to us. The whole team at Wood and Beyond just love when we get involved with customer’s projects – and our customers tell us they love it too!

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