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Worktop Accessories

  • How To Use Danish Oil To Correctly Oil Wood Worktops

    Oiling your wooden worktop will not only help it better stand up to the challenges of your kitchen; it’ll keep it looking good for longer.  A great way to stop your worktop from warping or bowing, the application of Danish Oil to your worktop will also make it water resistant.  With a truly natural look, Danish Oil won’t make your worktop shiny like varnish; it’ll simply enhance its natural good looks. Danish Oil, which is based on Tung oil, is sometimes called Chinese Wood oil.  It is extracted from nuts, then processed and blended with synthetic resins and other oils to make it easy to apply, at the same time as making it particularly enriching for wood.  Once Danish Oil has been applied to wood in its liquid form, it subsequent ... READ MORE >

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  • How Often Should I Oil My Worktop?

    If you’ve opted for a wooden worktop, you’ll have the benefit of a completely natural and stylish work area in your kitchen.  If you haven’t installed your worktop yet, you’ll need to oil it a few times before you do so and regularly thereafter, but reading our guide which will help you get to grips with what you need to do, how and when. How often should I oil my worktop? Pre-installation oiling. Before you install your solid wood worktop, it’s really important to oil every surface of the wood to protect it once it has been installed.  When you’re doing this, don’t forget to oil every single surface: the underside, the edges and any cut outs you’ve made, or had made in the worktop.  Time invested oiling now will pay off ... READ MORE >

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