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Wooden Worktops

  • How To Choose Wooden Worktops

    Made from hard wood, wooden worktops are a great way to give your kitchen a stylish yet natural look.  Wooden kitchen worktops can be used to create a traditional or a modern theme depending on the overall look you have chosen for your room.  What’s more, with the right care and attention your worktop will last a lifetime.  At the moment, the most popular choices of wooden kitchen worktops are oak and walnut. Often called a butchers block, a wooden worktop is effectively made up of finger joint staves which are joined together to create a solid block.  If you’re thinking of investing in one, here’s a few things you should bear in mind: 1.  You must make sure you choose a hard wood and that hard wood must be at least 650 density ( ... READ MORE >

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  • How To Keep Your Wooden Worktop In Great Condition

    Made from a completely natural product, wooden worktops are a great way to give your kitchen a stylish and natural look.  You can install wooden worktops to create a traditional or a modern look depending on the overall theme you have chosen and, with the right care your wooden worktops will last a lifetime. In order to keep your wooden worktop in great condition, you should oil the wood before installation to help avoid bowing or warping.  Oiling is a great way to create a water resistant finish on your worktop and will make the wood more hard wearing and long-lasting.  Oiling, unlike varnishing or lacquering, adds an unsurpassed depth and character to the wood.  A simple and easy process, it will protect your wood when it’s new an ... READ MORE >

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