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Wooden Worktops

  • 5 Renovation Ideas When Your Property Isn’t Selling

    In the current economic climate, there are more and more people in the frustrating position of not being able to sell their home.  With mortgages hard to secure and people fearing that they might lose their jobs, it’s easy to see why the UK property market is suffering.  If you’re in a position where your home has been sitting on the market for a long time, here are 5 renovation ideas that will either make it more marketable or will make it a more enjoyable or appropriate environment for you and your family to stay in: 1. Improve its kerb appeal. There’s no getting away from the fact that a tidy and appealing exterior will improve the chances of your home moving in the current climate.  Things like clean windows, making sure your f ... READ MORE >

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  • Benefits Of Worktops Cut To Size

    If you’re planning a DIY kitchen project the temptation is to do everything yourself, but ordering a wooden worktop with bespoke features can take an ordinary kitchen truly into the realms of top class.  Even if you’re not planning to change your kitchen units or cupboard doors, you can achieve a whole new look by planning your worktop to a tee.  Whether you choose a light or dark coloured wood will depend on the final look you want to create, but planning little bespoke extras can make a huge difference.  Even having your worktop cut to size will make your job much neater than if you were to cut it at home, but if your budget allows it’s well worth going beyond just that. If you want your worktop cut to size prior to delivery, y ... READ MORE >

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  • Christmas Home Improvement Ideas

    You only need to switch on the television to see how important the home is at Christmas time.  No matter whether it’s additional TV channels, a new sofa or double-glazing, as soon as the summer holidays are over, the adverts start to appear, reminding us that it’s time to start thinking about Christmas and what we need to get done to prepare our home before it comes.  Christmas is very much a time when “home is where the heart is” and many people fly across the globe to spend time with their loved ones, close to the hearth and the heart. If you’re due to receive a crowd at Christmas, or even if you’re just planning a really special time for you and your close family, you’re no doubt busy looking around your home to see what ... READ MORE >

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  • Wood and Beyond London Showroom Now Open

    With many years of experience and expertise in the wooden floor, hardwood decking and wooden worktop sector, Wood and Beyond, until recently has concentrated purely on online sales.  But that has now changed.  While we continue to focus a huge part of our effort on our important, widespread and loyal online customer base, we are delighted to announce that we have also just opened our new Wood and Beyond London Showroom.  What this means is that our customers in and around northwest London will be able to come and visit us, to see and touch our products and to draw on our vast expertise to help them achieve their goals. Located at 877 Finchley Road, London, NW11 8RR, the showroom is open 6 days a week from 8.30am to 6.30pm Monday to Fr ... READ MORE >

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  • Types Of Wood Breakfast Bar Worktop

    There is little doubt that a wood breakfast bar or worktop will add real charm to any style of kitchen.  Irrespective of whether your kitchen is traditional or modern in style, you’re sure to be able to find a wood worktop or breakfast bar to suit.  At Wood and Beyond, we have a broad range of worktops in stock and ready to deliver, including a broad choice of oak options, iroko, bamboo, walnut and zebrano.  Each of these worktops boasts it’s own unique features and characteristics and all come in a choice of lengths, widths and thicknesses so you can create the precise look you’re hoping for in your kitchen. Our premium oak worktops range from light, cool beige colours to rich honey tones and are adaptable to pretty much any sty ... READ MORE >

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  • Solid Wood Worktops Installation Guide

    If you’ve decided to invest in solid wood worktops and intend installing them yourself, here is a DIY guide that should help you: Fixing kit: when you order your worktop, many suppliers will offer a fixing kit, which will include all the basic bolts, strips and spacers you should need.  If your supplier doesn’t offer such a kit, it is worth double-checking with them precisely what you will need for installation.  This is well worth doing in advance, because you don’t want to find yourself in the situation where you’re ready to go and you’re missing something simple that could involve a two hour round trip to find!  Precisely what you will need will vary from project to project, but will more than likely include items such as fi ... READ MORE >

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  • Types of Kitchen Worktops

    If you’re planning a new look for your kitchen, you’re no doubt interested in the types of kitchen worktops available.  No matter whether you’re intending a complete re-design of your kitchen or you’re just sprucing it up by perhaps changing the cupboard doors or the worktop, one of the biggest decisions you’re likely to make is the type of worktop you choose. There are essentially four different types of kitchen worktop in common use today.  These include laminate, granite and wood as well as what we’ve chosen to call “Other worktops”.  The other worktops option includes such things as polished concrete, slate, glass and so on, which can be really appealing, but aren’t so commonly used as the other three.  In order ... READ MORE >

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  • How To Clean Solid Kitchen Wood Worktop

    Cleaning is rarely listed as anyone’s most favourite task, but it’s nonetheless an essential part of our day-to-day lives and nowhere more so than in the kitchen.  When it comes to avoiding problems such as food poisoning and hygiene related issues, a clean worktop is a really important part of the overall picture.  Various things cause food poisoning and similar problems, including poor hand hygiene and lack of respect for how food should be prepared.  But one sure-fire way of helping to avoid it is to make sure your kitchen worktop is as free as possible of dirt and bacteria. Dirty worktops are much more common a problem than you’d imagine.  According to a report in the Mail online recently the “Average kitchen worktop is no c ... READ MORE >

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  • Top 5 UK Home Improvement Blogs

    With new home improvement blogs being launched every day, the Top 5 UK Home Improvement Blog “list” is something which is for ever up for discussion.  That said, like all things, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and what one person might consider to be a great blog, another might think of as a complete waste of space!  In this post, we’ve picked our Top 5 UK Home Improvement Blogs and want to share with you the joy we get from these blogs.  Here they are: UK Energy Saving Blog -  In today’s tough economic climate, there’s no doubt that saving energy and reducing fuel bills is high on all our agendas.  This blog offers common-sense ways of saving money on fuel as well as things you can do to make your home more energy ef ... READ MORE >

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  • Is Wood Worktop Safe For Food?

    In determining whether wood worktops are safe for food, there are two things which should be considered.  The first is the finish on the wood itself and the second is the cleaning and maintenance regime you put in place. Prior to fitting, in order to make wooden worktops resistant to stains, they need to be treated with a protective oil.  When choosing an oil for your worktops, if you want to prepare food directly on the worktop surface, it is important that you choose a food-safe oil. Food-safe oil is easy enough to track down.  With a bit of research, you will be able to track down official guidelines on the suitability of any product you plan to use in conjunction with food preparation.  It is really important that you carry out ap ... READ MORE >

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