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Wooden Worktops

  • Home Improvement Projects for the New Year: Solid Oak Worktops and More!

    With the new year just around the corner, you may be thinking about home improvement projects for 2019. Whether it’s something as simple as solid oak worktops for your kitchen or workshop, to a large undertaking like flooring installation for one or more rooms, projects and upgrades can be done to any home to give it that extra pop. Home improvement projects are a great way to start fresh and help you reach your other new year goals. Take a look at some of these ideas to get your creativity flowing see where your own project will take you. Solid Oak Worktops: A Great Surface for Any Project One of the simplest ways to improve your home is with solid oak worktops. Wooden worktops are great for a multitude of uses throughout a home and c ... READ MORE >

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  • Solid Oak Worktops: Taking Your Décor Beyond the Floor

    Wood flooring is a great way to improve your home, giving you a look and feel that cannot be compared to other flooring options. Going beyond the floor, and using solid oak in other aspects of your home décor, is a unique way to upgrade your house and bring out the designer inside. One of the best ways to showcase oak in your house is through the use of solid oak worktops. Imagine the smoothness of an oak counter in your kitchen while cooking, all while maintaining a level of durability that you would trust your floor to have. Solid oak worktops give you that calm, down to earth feel that your floor gives you, while at the same time providing the necessary workspace for any job. If you were to match your floor to the worktop, you would gi ... READ MORE >

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  • Wooden Countertops Colour Range

      Wooden countertops are a really popular choice in kitchens, both with real foodies and with people who aren’t particularly great at cooking yet adore great style. A choice that dates back centuries, there’s a real warmth and charm about a wooden countertop that you simply don’t get with other solutions. No matter whether you choose white, bright coloured, dark or even stainless steel cabinets, a wooden countertop will look simply stunning. At Wood and Beyond we’ve been supplying wooden countertops to discerning customers for many years now and have built up a great stock, so you have plenty of choice. One of the things we make a point of is making sure we have a really broad colour range, so there truly is something for ev ... READ MORE >

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  • Full Stave Prime Oak Worktops from Wood and Beyond

      There are various different types of solid oak worktops, but one of the most attractive and eye-catching is, without a doubt, full stave prime oak worktops. At Wood and Beyond we know that our clients love this style of worktop, so make it a priority to always have a good selection in stock. You can find our full range here. So what is it that makes full stave prime oak worktops such a bit hit with our clients? In order to explain, we need to take a couple of steps back and look at what exactly is meant by full stave and what qualities prime grade wood has that others don’t. Full stave oak worktops Oak worktops are either made from small blocks of oak or full staves of oak. Single pieces of oak that run the full width of a workt ... READ MORE >

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  • Character Rich Solid Wood Worktops Examples

      If you’re planning a new look for your kitchen, a solid wood worktop is a great item to have on your shortlist. A real investment piece, solid wood worktops raise your kitchen game in so many different ways. But many people reject this option because they believe that something so character rich will cost them an arm and a leg. This is a real shame because it simply isn’t the case. If you’re looking for character rich solid wood worktops, you’re in the right place. At Wood and Beyond we have a great stock to choose from that won’t break the bank. When seeking character, a good option is to choose a rustic wood rather than a prime solution. You can see our whole range of rustic solid wood worktops here. You will see when yo ... READ MORE >

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  • Wide Plank Oak Worktops For Natural Rich And Warm Look

      Wide plank solid oak worktops are class and charm rolled into one. There are so many worktop options on the market today, you’d be forgiven for feeling a tad confused if you’re in the process of re-doing your kitchen. Perhaps you’re thinking about marble, stainless steel or stone? The number of solutions available right now can truly make your head spin. However, one worktop option that has been around for decades, if not centuries, and that has never gone out of fashion is wide plank oak worktops. Why is that? There are any number of reasons why oak worktops have stood the test of time, but the main ones are their great looks, their practicality, their long life and their affordability. In this article we’ll share some gre ... READ MORE >

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  • Prime or Rustic Wood Worktop; How to Choose?

    Kitchens are big news these days. No longer are they just the place where you prepare lunch, dinner and bake the odd cake. Kitchens really are the hub of most of our homes and choosing the right fixtures and fittings is essential if you’re going to achieve the look you’re hoping for. How to choose between prime or rustic worktops is a question our clients ask us on a regular basis. In this article, we want to share with you some of the pointers that the people we’ve helped say struck the biggest chord with them, but before we start, let’s think about the great qualities of wood worktops in general. Why wood worktops? The first thing to say about wood worktops is that they are completely timeless. No matter whether you’re keen to ... READ MORE >

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  • Solid Kitchen Worktops Top 5 Options Compared

    Solid kitchen worktops are a great idea if style and practicality are high on your agenda. An area of the home that clearly has to be clean and hygienic at all times, when you change your kitchen worktops you need to feel confident that you’ve made the right decision for the short, medium and long term. In this article, we’ll compare 5 solid kitchen worktops to show you how you could create a real impact in your kitchen imaginatively and stylishly, yet without blowing your budget unnecessarily. Worktops, splash backs, islands and more All of the options we’ll speak about in this article are perfectly suited to busy domestic kitchens and can be cleverly combined with other materials such as marble or stainless steel to great effect. ... READ MORE >

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  • Getting Stains Off Wooden Worktops

    Fine wire wool drenched in lemon oil often works! When it comes to stains on wooden worktops, it has to be said that prevention is always better than cure.  That said, even with the very best prevention in place, stains can, and do happen.  Although knowing the cause of the stain may help in some instances, we have assumed for the purpose of this blog post that your goal is to get rid of stains of a general nature. It may be that the stains on your worktop are concentrated into the high traffic areas (ie.  areas where you work most often) or they may be general and widespread across the whole of your worktop.  If the stains are general and widespread across the whole of your worktop, there is little doubt that a full re-sand and re ... READ MORE >

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  • Hardwood Worktops Direct Prices From Wood And Beyond

    If you’re in the process of shopping around for hardwood worktops, you won’t need us to remind you of how careful you need to be when making your choices. Prices from one supplier to another vary enormously as does quality, so you really need to be sure before you buy that you’ve made the right decision. No matter whether you’re shopping on the High Street or online, there are plenty of horror stories – so our best advice is: beware. At Wood and Beyond, we’ve been in business for a very long time which means that we have a loyal following of satisfied customers who keep recommending us and who faithfully come to us time after time when they want a wooden floor, decking or hardwood worktops. This delights us and keeps us on ou ... READ MORE >

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