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Wooden Worktops

  • Hardwood Worktops Direct Prices From Wood And Beyond

    If you’re in the process of shopping around for hardwood worktops, you won’t need us to remind you of how careful you need to be when making your choices. Prices from one supplier to another vary enormously as does quality, so you really need to be sure before you buy that you’ve made the right decision. No matter whether you’re shopping on the High Street or online, there are plenty of horror stories – so our best advice is: beware. At Wood and Beyond, we’ve been in business for a very long time which means that we have a loyal following of satisfied customers who keep recommending us and who faithfully come to us time after time when they want a wooden floor, decking or hardwood worktops. This delights us and keeps us on our ... READ MORE >

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  • Butcher Block Or Full Stave Solid Wood Worktop: How To Choose?

    There’s no getting away from the fact that solid wood worktops are absolutely stunning, no matter your style of kitchen. Irrespective of whether you choose a warm, honey oak worktop to compliment a country style kitchen or a cool, almost black walnut worktop to finish off a cutting edge designer kitchen, you can be sure that when you invest in a solid wood worktop, your money is being spent wisely. When you choose your solid wood worktop, things like the length of worktop that will work best for you will be pretty much determined by your room. The width of worktop that’s likely to tick your boxes however will be determined by more subtle things; like the overhang you want and whether you have standard or super-sized appliances. Finally ... READ MORE >

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  • Choosing Solid Wood Worktop Thickness

    When you are searching for a solid wood worktop, one of the questions you’re likely to face is what thickness of worktop would work best for your kitchen. While the length and width of your worktop is likely to be determined by basic things like the size of your kitchen together with whether or not you want to overhang standard size appliances, or if you have super-sized appliances, how you’re going to cater for those. That said, choosing the right thickness of worktop isn’t always determined for you, so how do you choose? While there’s no right or wrong answer that works for everyone, in this blog post, we’d like to explore the things that are likely to impact most on which thickness you choose. Generally speaking, unless you op ... READ MORE >

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  • How To Choose The Right Grade Of Solid Wood Worktop

    When it comes to buying solid wood worktops, the wood you choose will be graded into one of four categories: prime, select, natural or rustic. The category that wood is graded into depends on three things: the number and size of knots, the colour variation present in the wood and the amount of sap it contains. And it’s worth bearing in mind that while you can’t normally see sap; it’s there. As a general rule of thumb, the more uniform the colour, the smaller the knots and the lower the sap content, the higher the grade of wood and, not surprisingly, in most cases, the higher the price. That said, this grading system doesn’t necessarily mean that high grade wood is better than lower grade wood, which is what often makes this choice c ... READ MORE >

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  • Reasons to Choose 750mm or 950mm Wide Solid Wood Worktops

    If you’re re-fitting your kitchen or installing your first kitchen in a new build, you’re likely to be spoilt for choice when it comes to cabinets and to worktops. This can be great news, but it can also be a bit overwhelming, causing you to plump for a solution that you know and are familiar with. 750mm and 950mm wide solid wood worktops are solutions that often get overlooked when people are looking for kitchen ideas and that’s a real shame. Standard size worktops tend to come in either 600 or 650mm widths. However there are certain situations that call for a significantly wider worktop solution. In this article we’ll look at 5 great reasons to choose 750 or 950mm wide solid wood worktops. Here they are: You’ve got a big kitche ... READ MORE >

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  • How To Choose Kitchen Worktop Type Infographic

    Most kitchen renovation projects involve replacing the worktop. This infographic looks at the pros and cons of the most common worktop types in terms of worktop size, colour, budget and customisation. Embed this Infographic on your site: <a href=”https://www.woodandbeyond.com/categories/Hardwood-Worktops/”><img src=”https://www.woodandbeyond.com/wp/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/How-To-Choose-Kitchen-Worktop-Infographic.jpg” alt=”Wood and Beyond” width=”750″ height=”1591″ border=”0″></a> ... READ MORE >

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  • Matching Wood Flooring To Wood Worktops In The Kitchen

    Wood Can you ever have too much wood in a kitchen?  This is a question we often get asked by people who have a wood floor and are contemplating a wooden worktop.  What should they do?  Should they forget the idea and go for granite or stainless steel or can they make a wood worktop “work” with their wood floor?  In our view (and of course we’re a bit biased), you can’t have too much wood in a kitchen.  If you think about it, a wood floor can be perfectly off set by some contrasting cabinet doors which are then topped off with a wood worktop. Where’s the problem?  To be honest, the problems come when you don’t plan your wood combinations.  Here are a few scenarios that we think could work really well. If you’re working ... READ MORE >

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  • Dark Or Light Solid Wood Worktops

    No matter whether you’re completely revamping your kitchen or simply sprucing up your units with new doors and a new worktop, choosing the right colour of worktop is really important.  Any regular reader of this blog won’t need reminding that wood worktops don’t just look great; with the right care, they last a lifetime and will make your kitchen look stunning.  So if you’re in the process of tossing a coin to decide on dark or light solid wood worktops, we want to give you a helping hand. The size of your kitchen Generally speaking, if your kitchen is small, then it’s a good idea to work with light colours to create the illusion of space.  Light coloured wood worktops literally bounce the light around your room making it lo ... READ MORE >

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  • Comparing Wood Worktops, What To Look For?

    Wood worktops are a great addition to any kitchen.  Once thought of as the worktop of choice for country-style kitchens, in recent years, wood worktops have really come into their own and are stylish additions to all different types of kitchen, from modern, state of the art to traditional.  So, if you’ve decided that a wood worktop is the best option for your project, how should you go about making sure you make the right choice? Our guide about what to look out for should help: Species The species of worktop you choose is arguably one of the most important selections you’re likely to make.  At Wood and Beyond, we have a great range of wood species, that we believe represent the ‘best of breed’ when it comes to wood worktops. ... READ MORE >

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  • Best Wood For Kitchen Worktop

    If you have in your mind that a wooden worktop is only suited to a country kitchen look, it’s time to think again.  Wooden worktops are equally suited to traditional and modern kitchens and in fact can add a real edge to a highly modern, designer look.  But the big question is which wood is the best to choose for your kitchen worktop?  Like many things in life, there is no easy answer to this question, but in order to give you a good idea of what might work best for you, we’ll look at three of the most common worktop woods; oak, walnut and iroko. Wood Oak Walnut Iroko Strong & durable? Very Yes Yes Colour Light to dark White to black Medium to golden Grain Variable Straight & regular Irregular Oak worktops Oak ... READ MORE >

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