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  • Buyers Guide to External Porcelain Tiles

      More and more people in the UK are enjoying an all-year-round indoor-outdoor living experience – and that really is great news. Decks, terraces, efficient outdoor heating and effective outdoor lighting mean that even in the winter months we can enjoy the great outdoors a whole lot more than was ever possible before. At Wood and Beyond, we’re renowned for the quality of decking we’ve supplied over the years and continue to supply to this day, but one of the things we’ve been asked for more and more often recently is external porcelain tiles. For anyone who’s a close follower of our blog, you’ll know that it’s not all that long ago that we started stocking porcelain tiles. The reason for that is that we take our flooring ... READ MORE >

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  • Grip Levels in Bathroom Floor Tiles Explained

      At Wood and Beyond we are conscious that while you know you can install wood flooring in bathrooms and kitchens, many of you still prefer tiles as your first choice. This is at least part of the reason why we’re now stocking a great selection of both bathroom and kitchen tiles. You can find our complete range here. We’re sure you’ll agree that each and every one of these tile options looks great. And when people make a choice about their tiles, one of the most important factors they consider is how the tiles look. That’s completely understandable. But after great looks, safety is usually high on most peoples’ agenda. When it comes to safety, grip levels are what you need to be thinking about. And like most technical elemen ... READ MORE >

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  • Your Guide to Porcelain Tiles Textures

      Any of you who have been following our articles of late will know that we’ve introduced a super collection of tiles to the flooring options we stock at Wood and Beyond. Tiles are a great way to create interest and charm in your home without breaking the bank. A solution previously thought of as exclusively for hot climes, along with the affordability and accessibility of under floor heating has come a real rise in the popularity of tiles. At Wood and Beyond we’ve scoured the globe to find a collection of tiles that we’d be proud to offer you and you can find it here. With 4 ranges to choose from; Oristano, Cosenza, Apollo and Minerva, we truly believe that this collection has something great to offer everyone. But one questi ... READ MORE >

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  • Floor Tile Colour Guide - Your Options in a Nutshell

      Choosing the colour for your floor tiles can be a challenge. Maybe you’ve seen something you like the look of in a magazine or online? Or you’ve possibly got no idea whatsoever which colour of tiles would work best for your project? Either way we invite you to enjoy our Floor Tile Colour Guide that shows you Your Options in a Nutshell. Enjoy! Grey     You can find our selection of grey floor tiles here. Grey tiles are a great option for anyone who is keen to create a modern, stylish interior but isn’t quite ready for black or white. Grey is a great compromise between making a statement and knowing you won’t sicken of your choice in time. We have a great selection of grey tiles from very light through medium grey t ... READ MORE >

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  • Hard Flooring Conclusive Guide

      Not so very long ago, you were considered poor or unfortunate if you didn’t have fitted carpets throughout your home. Oh, how times have changed. Today, people feel the freedom to have a whole range of flooring options throughout their homes, and carpet seems to be falling further and further down the preferred list for most people. Hard flooring is certainly making its presence felt in most homes in the UK and well beyond – and with really good reason. In this article we’d like to give you a conclusive guide to hard flooring – warts and all. At Wood and Beyond we’re not naïve enough think that the flooring solutions we provide suit everyone, and we know that there are some other great options out there. So let’s explor ... READ MORE >

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  • Porcelain Tiles Samples Now Available

      At Wood and Beyond, we’re fanatical about interiors and are always on the lookout for ways to help you achieve your interior goals cost effectively, efficiently and in a stress free way. Just the fact that we’re online means that you don’t need to get in the car and find time in your busy schedule to go and choose a new floor. But we also know that some people are nervous about buying online. That’s why we offer a really comprehensive free sample service. You may or may not be aware, but in recent months we’ve started to sell tiles. We’ve done this because we know that our loyal customers like to have a range of different flooring options in their homes and they want to buy them from people they trust – from us. This ... READ MORE >

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  • Minerva Collection Porcelain Tile Luxury Floor and Wall Tiles

      When you plan the look of your home, your floors and your walls are two of the biggest decisions you’re likely to make. They are the two things that’ll create the backdrop to everything else you add to your interior. Walls thankfully are easy enough to change, but floor decisions tend to be for the long term – or at least for more than a decade or two in the majority of cases. Whether you choose, wood, tile, carpet or laminate will depend on the look you’re hoping to achieve and the budget you have. Until relatively recently, tiles have tended to be thought of as more of a south European choice for anything other than bathrooms. But when under floor heating became affordable for all of us, more and more people started to rec ... READ MORE >

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  • Introducing Cosenza Collection Porcelain Tiles

      At Wood and Beyond it goes without saying that we’re completely head over heels in love with everything that is wood flooring. However, we’re also realists and we know that some people like a mix of wood and perhaps tiles in their home. This is why we’ve worked our socks off to find a couple of ranges of tiles that fit in with our flooring philosophy and that we’re proud to have in our range. One of them is the Cosenza Collection of Porcelain Tiles. This affordable range of porcelain tiles looks like it cost a fortune and yet is within the reach of even those with the humblest of budgets. Boasting a choice between square and rectangular shapes, we have opted for a really natural colour palette with everything from natural ... READ MORE >

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