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Solid Flooring

  • Lino Flooring vs. Wood Flooring - How the Two Compare

        Lino, the term commonly used to describe linoleum is a floor covering that’s made from a whole host of renewable ingredients. Often confused with vinyl flooring, lino is actually quite different in its make-up. The main thing that vinyl and lino have in common is that they come in a single sheet and are known for being very pliable – which means that they restore their shape quickly. Lino flooring has seen a bit of a rise in demand recently and some clients are asking us about how lino flooring and wood flooring compare. So, in this article we’d like to explore the 5 key points that help people make their decision when it comes to choosing the right floor for their project. We’ve done this so that hopefully, if you’ ... READ MORE >

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  • Matt Oak Flooring Keeps The Natural Beauty Of The Wood

      Lacquered oak flooring is recognised as one of the toughest and most resistant flooring options available, however, until recently lacquered finishes have meant an end look that has a slight shine. For anyone seeking a truly matt finish, until now, the only real option has been to choose an oiled finish. But now this has changed. At Wood and Beyond we’re delighted to let you know that we now have a small stock of matt oak flooring available that means you really can enjoy the best of both worlds. These three floors have all been treated with a matt lacquer and look just like oiled flooring but boast all the benefits of a lacquer finish. Let’s introduce you to them one by one: Select Engineered Oak Flooring that’s Click Syste ... READ MORE >

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  • Oiled Solid Oak Flooring Retains Maximum Natural Charm

        If you’re one of the many people who are looking for what is arguably THE most natural looking floor for your home, then this article is for you. At Wood and Beyond, we know how much you all love wood, and we know that solid wood is an option that’s gaining more and more attention once again. For a while solid wood became a bit of a wall flower when engineered wood flooring took centre stage. As you all know, we are great lovers of engineered wood flooring because of its stability and its versatility, but solid wood is solid wood after all, and few things can compete with its beauty or its longevity. In addition to this rise in demand for solid wood, we’ve also seen a huge increase in the number of people wanting a tr ... READ MORE >

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  • Wide Solid Oak Flooring Available Now

      Solid oak flooring has enjoyed a real increase in popularity recently. Having lost out for a while faced with the competition put up by good quality engineered oak flooring, solid oak looks to be once more claiming its rightful place in the market. So right now, solid oak flooring is in big demand, and so is wide oak flooring. Wide oak flooring has a really classy and stylish look to it. But the thing with wide boards is that you get a whole lot fewer per tree than you do with narrow boards. When put that way it sounds obvious, but the fact is that narrow boards can be produced from the wood left over after a tree has already been used to maximum effect. Wide boards on the other hand call for a wider section of nice looking oak, w ... READ MORE >

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  • Prussian White Wood Flooring For Contemporary Look

      Prussian white is a term that’s being used a lot right now to describe floors that are almost icy white. Prussia, that was a historical German state and stretched into Poland is associated with stories of kings and royalty. It’s also a corner of Europe that gets pretty cold in winter time, which is probably where the term Prussian white comes from. Think icy streets, snowy hillsides and you’ll get the drift. At Wood and Beyond, we have a really broad selection of white flooring because we know that not everyone wants white, white flooring; but we’re proud to say that we have a great stock of what could be termed Prussian white wood flooring nonetheless. You can find our full white range here. But in this article we want to ... READ MORE >

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  • Exploring Nordic and Scandinavian Style wood flooring

      When you think Nordic and Scandinavian style, you typically think mountain lodges, blonde wood and plenty of it. The light, bright interior styling we associate with this part of the world is characteristic of everyone from designer Josef Frank through to Ikea and is a great way to give your home a fresh, clean feel. When it comes to wood flooring that fits this styling, what you need to be thinking of are light blonde oaks, white-washed boards and oiled finishes. In other words, with this look there’s nothing bright and shouty and there’s certainly nothing shiny. A great style to mix with relaxed and comfy furnishings, washed out colour palettes and plenty of soft sheepskin, this really is a warm and cosy look for the winter ... READ MORE >

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  • Fit Oak Tongue And Groove Floorboards For Minimal Waste

      Oak tongue and groove floorboards are a great way to minimise waste when you’re either flooring a room or house for the first time or re-flooring. Tongue and groove flooring isn’t by any stretch of the imagination a new concept, but it’s an option that sometimes gets ignored today in favour of click systems, and that’s a real shame. A system which sees the tongue – the protruding part of one plank, fit neatly into the groove – the cut out part of the next plank, tongue and groove is a really efficient choice when it comes to wood flooring. It also means that if your floor does develop gaps at any point in the future, they’ll be somewhat disguised and have less chance of developing draughts – which is always good ne ... READ MORE >

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  • Our Latest Wide Reclaimed Oak Floorboards

      Reclaimed flooring has been in high demand for a while now, but more recently wide, reclaimed boards have also become deeply sought after. Always keen to give our customers what they’re looking for, we’ve scoured our sources to come up with a couple of great wide reclaimed oak floorboards for the people who want the best of both worlds. Reclaimed floors are popular because they have a real lived in look. They suggest that your home has a strong story to tell, a real heritage to it. Even if your floor or your home is new, reclaimed flooring gives the feeling of confidence, a long-standing home that’s seen its fair share of life. Think loft apartments, big detached Victorian properties and mansions that still boast their origi ... READ MORE >

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  • 20mm Floorboards - An Ideal Choice For Long Lasting Flooring

      Wood flooring ranges in thickness from around 10mm, to over 20mm and sometimes it’s hard to choose which will work best for your project. 20mm floorboards is an option that’s getting a lot of attention right now. A board size that’s in high demand at the moment, it’s easy to see why more and more people are plumping for these nice thick boards. When you buy a wood floor, unless you’re a property renovator or you’re sprucing up a home to sell, you tend to look on your purchase as an investment. Whether or not a wood floor raises the value of a home is a subject that’s constantly up for debate, but no one would argue that a nice wood floor isn’t a great way to add charm and character to even the humblest of homes. Th ... READ MORE >

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  • Luxury Wood Flooring Can Only Mean…

      When you think luxury wood flooring, most people automatically think of luxury properties and something that’s going to be outside the limits of your budget. At Wood and Beyond, we think that everyone deserves a bit of luxury in their life and that’s why we make it a priority to have a range of luxury wood flooring in stock at all times that is accessible on even the most modest of budgets. In this article, we’d like to share some really top of the range options with you that you’ll be able to afford even if you don’t want to invest a fortune. Wide Plank Wood Flooring       Wide plank wood flooring is a choice that truly looks expensive. Everyone knows that you can cut lots of narrow planks from a tree, but o ... READ MORE >

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