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Hardwood Decking

  • Hardwood and Composite Decking Samples Now Available

      The days are getting longer and temperatures are on the rise. People all over the UK are out preparing their outside space for the exciting summer months ahead. Indoor/outdoor living has never been as popular and cherished as it is right now. Life is busy and we all seem to spend more time than we’d ideally choose to indoors, so any time we can plan to be outside is special. One way to make your outside space even more welcoming and more versatile is by introducing a deck. No matter how big or small your outside space, an area with decking will raise your outdoor living game to a whole new level. If you have a decking project on your mind, you’ll be delighted to hear that at Wood and Beyond we now have hardwood and composite d ... READ MORE >

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  • Exterior Decking Options - Choosing Hardwood, Softwood or Composite?

      Decking is a great way to increase the living space you have in and around your home. Suddenly providing you with a whole new area to relax and socialise, if you plan your decking with care it really will make your home seem a whole lot bigger. With Christmas just behind us, it’s normal for our minds to start to wander to the warmer months that will be upon us before we know where we are. That’s probably why exterior decking options are something that many people consider at this time of year. And one of the biggest dilemmas they face is choosing between hardwood, softwood or composite. If you’ve decided that in 2017 your investment is going to be in an exterior decking option and you could do with a helping hand when it comes ... READ MORE >

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  • Decking Timber 5 Crucial Points to Bear in Mind

      When you’re choosing decking timber for the first time, the range of choices available can seem a bit overwhelming. In this article, we’ll outline the 5 crucial points you need to bear in mind so you can make the right selection for you. Once you’ve ticked the right boxes here, you’ll be perfectly positioned to choose a great decking solution for your project (and if you’re still not sure, all you need to do is ask for our help!). Point 1 – Species   Decking timber is available in a whole range of species. When you’re choosing the species that would work best for your project, the main difference you will see between different varieties is the colour. For example, at Wood and Beyond, we currently have balau, ip ... READ MORE >

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  • Balcony Wood Flooring Options And Prices

    If you live in an apartment or house that has a balcony, you have a real advantage over anyone who has no outside space at all. And it’s amazing how, with a bit of planning, you can get a whole lot of value from even the smallest of balconies. That said, no matter whether eating outside or creating a lounging space is your goal, it pays to think about how best to use your balcony before you set to work re-looking it. When you do so, balcony wood flooring options and prices are likely to be high on your agenda. The thing about balconies is that even though they effectively enlarge your inside space, it would be foolish to floor your balcony with a wood flooring option intended for indoor use. The perfect balcony wood flooring option is ... READ MORE >

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  • Introducing Supremo WPC Composite Decking Boards

    Ask anyone who has a deck and they’ll be quick to tell you how much their lives changed when they introduced such a versatile inside, outside space to their home. More and more people are spending more and more time outdoors - even in the UK, where the weather isn’t exactly great. Yes, even in inclement weather, by adding the likes of patio heating and some nice lighting, spending time on your deck all year round is possible. If you’re looking for a decking solution with a difference, we’d like to introduce you to our Supremo WPC composite decking boards. These boards, which come in three stunning colours are a really environmentally friendly option. Made from recycled products, Supremo WPC composite decking boards will stand up ... READ MORE >

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  • Smooth Decking: Stylish AND Practical

    If you’re on the lookout for a smooth decking solution, then the likelihood is that you’ve been scouring the style mags or are maybe just back from your annual summer holiday? Essentially, there are two main types of decking: smooth and grooved or castellated. In the UK, until recently, most people seem to have chosen grooved boards, but the tide appears to be turning and now more and more people are asking for smooth decking. Whether you prefer smooth or grooved decking is in many ways down to personal choice, but there are often good reasons for choosing one over the other. If you’re sitting on the fence, or even worried about choosing smooth boards because everyone around you seems to have chosen grooved, then read on. In this a ... READ MORE >

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  • Yellow Balau Decking Will Transform Your Outdoors

    At this time of year, we’re all doing everything we can to spend the maximum amount of time possible outdoors. And the great news is, making the most of your garden is easy with a deck. Enabling you to increase your indoor, outdoor living and entertaining space, as well as taking your garden to a whole new level, the right deck, with the right planning will be a great, long term investment. But which decking option would work best for you? Yellow balau decking is a fabulous way to transform your outdoors. An affordable hardwood, yellow balau is similar in many ways to teak, which of course has been the quintessential decking wood since decks first appeared on the scene. The thing about yellow balau that makes it special is that it’s ... READ MORE >

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  • Exterior Wood Flooring Latest Trends

    Having a solid and stable surface in your garden where you can relax, share a moment with friends either over drinks or dinner is a great addition to your home. The whole notion of outside living is growing in practicality as the years go by, thanks to inventive patio heaters and hot tubs that create real, all year round interesting outdoor places to be; so it’s easy to see why more and more people are in the market for exterior wood flooring. When you’re looking for exterior wood flooring, you need to shop around carefully to make sure you make the right decisions for your particular project. However, doing your research can be so time consuming and confusing that many people give up and end up getting forced down a specific route by ... READ MORE >

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  • Best Hardwood Decking Timber - Top 6 Options Compared

    Do a Google search for ‘Best hardwood decking timber’ and you’ll find over half a million results, all presented in less than a second! So if you’re in search of a hardwood decking timber solution, how on earth do you choose? While choice is good and as consumers we’re constantly (and rightly) insisting on more and more choice; with so much to choose from, making the right decisions can be tough. If you’re in the market for a hardwood deck right now, we’d like to help you make the right choices for your unique project. Hardwood decking is a hugely popular choice, made by people across the board, for decks big and small, with budgets big and small. Typically made from the likes of teak, ipe, iroko and cumaro it’s a comple ... READ MORE >

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  • Ipe Decking Cost Including Fitting

    A deck is a great addition to any home. Ask anyone who has one and they’ll confirm that. Adding great socialising and outside living space to any home, a decking project deserves to be well planned as well as well executed and well enjoyed! In this article, we’ll explore ipe decking and the cost of ipe decking including fitting in order to help you decide if this might be the best option for your project. What is ipe decking? Ipe is a hardwood and as such is a great decking solution. Ipe is a wood that typically hales from South America. It’s a yellowy olive to dark olive colour, making it highly appealing as a decking choice. Add to its stunning natural colouring, the fact that it ages particularly nicely, its natural resistance ... READ MORE >

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