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Flooring Accessories

  • Threshold is an Essential Flooring Accessory - Here’s Why

      Are you planning a new floor? Have you just fitted a new floor? Are you over the moon with the results? Or are you pleased with most of the job but noticing there are little finishing touches required? The right accessories can make a world of difference One of the big things that people often forget about when they’re planning a new floor is how they’ll transition their new floor with the floor in the adjoining room. If you’re not running the same floor throughout your home, achieving a seamless effect can be a real challenge. Unless you’ve got one of these. T Thresholds A T Threshold like this can make the difference between a nice job and a fantastic job. Using one of these is the perfect way to make one floor sit effor ... READ MORE >

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  • Best Wood Flooring Glue

    When you’re planning a wood flooring project, it’s all too easy to focus your attention on the flooring itself and forget about the importance of things like underlay, accessories and installation methods.  No matter which installation method you choose for your new wood floor, the likelihood is that you’ll have a need at some point for a good glue and choosing the right one is no easy task. There are dozens (if not more) wood flooring glues on the market and while you might think it’s not all that important a decision which you choose, making sure you get the best glue for your project is essential to its overall success.  At Wood and Beyond, we test all our products to make sure that we are selling stuff we’d be happy to use ... READ MORE >

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  • Best Wood Flooring Adhesives

    At Wood and Beyond, we know that when you choose your new wood floor, it’s important for you to know that you can source your accessories from the same supplier, enabling you to take delivery of everything you need in one go.  It’s for this reason that we make it our business to seek out the best adhesives to go with your wood floor.  When it comes to wood flooring adhesives, we’ve chosen to focus in on two brands, Rewmar and Bona.  We’ve picked these brands because they’re easy to use, really effective and come at a great price. Here are the four flooring adhesives that we’ve singled out because we believe that they’re very best options right now: Rewmar Flexyfix   Rewmar Flexyfix is a solvent free and water free ad ... READ MORE >

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  • Best Wood Flooring Cleaning Products

    When you invest in a new wood floor, you know you’ve made a good decision.  Making sure that your decision stays good for the long term relies on the right maintenance.  There is no getting away from the fact that a wood floor that’s well looked after will stay looking good for longer, so what do you need to think about when cleaning your wood floor? The first thing to be aware of is that prevention is better than cure when it comes to wood floor maintenance.  While most wear and tear can be repaired on a quality wood floor, it’s true that a little regular maintenance will save you having to heavily invest in maintenance in the future. Here are our Top 3 Prevention Tips: Invest in a good doormat.  Because most of the foreign ob ... READ MORE >

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  • Best Oil For Wood Flooring

      If you’ve decided that you want a natural looking wooden floor that is lacquer-free, then the likelihood is that you’ve chosen oil as your way of protecting your wood and making your floor look great at the same time.  Oil for wood flooring comes in various forms and is a great way of making sure that your wood is protected, but at the same time looks natural.  A highly popular as well as effective way of treating wood floors, oils effectively penetrate into the wood and in some cases harden into the surface of the floor to stop damage and to maintain the wood in its optimum condition. Oiling wood flooring isn’t only an attractive way to protect your floor; in most cases it’s also an easy to apply solution.  If you have ... READ MORE >

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  • How Important Are Skirting Boards In Flooring?

      Also known as baseboards, skirting boards have been around for many, many years in different forms and typically serve two or three important purposes.  First, a skirting board can be added to a room purely for decorative purposes.  In old houses, for example, it’s common to find high skirting boards that feature mouldings and can even be quite intricate, making a decorative feature.  That said, at its simplest level, a skirting board will simply be a plank of wood that has been nailed, screwed or glued to the wall. The second purpose of a skirting board is to protect the wall.  Skirting boards will typically protect the walls from accidental knocks, as well as wear and tear from furniture and soiling and scuffs from mops and ... READ MORE >

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  • Which Accessories Needed When Fitting Wood Flooring

      If you’re in the process of planning a wood flooring project, you’re certain to have done your homework when it comes to choosing the right flooring for your preferences and the right supplier for your budget.  Once you’ve narrowed down the best flooring option and the right supplier, it’s time to get down to the detail.  The accessories you’ll need when fitting your wood floor will depend to a large extent on whether you’ve decided to do the fitting on a DIY basis or if you plan to bring in the professionals. If you’ve decided to go ahead on a DIY basis then the accessories you’ll need will fall into a couple of different categories.  First, it’s possible that you’ll need to hire some tools for the fitting ... READ MORE >

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  • Restoring Wood Flooring In A Few Basic Steps

      If you are planning to restore your wood flooring, there are a couple of things you’ll need to bear in mind.  The first is that the more effort you put into the preparation for this job, the better the end result and the second is, it’s not a job you should aim to do in a single afternoon! Here are a few basic steps to help restore your wood flooring: Preparation Sanding Staining (if you are planning to stain your floor) Finishing Preparation In order to prepare your floor for restoration, you need to clear the room of all furniture, curtains, rugs and ornaments.  Basically, anything that can be removed from the room should be removed.   When you are removing heavy items, remember to lift them and not drag them across your f ... READ MORE >

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  • Choosing Varnish For Wood Flooring

      When it comes to choosing varnish for wood flooring, in many instances there is no right or wrong answer to which option is best, much of the decision-making process depends upon your personal preferences.  Varnish, technically speaking is one specific type of floor seal, but outside of the flooring trade, varnish is the term often used to describe all different types of wood flooring seal. A good quality varnish or seal will help prolong the life expectancy of your wood flooring, so choosing the right varnish or seal for your wood flooring is really important.  There are many things which will affect your choice of varnish for your wood floor. One, like all things in life, is budget.  Wood floor varnishes vary dramatically in ... READ MORE >

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