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Engineered Flooring

  • Prussian White Wood Flooring For Contemporary Look

      Prussian white is a term that’s being used a lot right now to describe floors that are almost icy white. Prussia, that was a historical German state and stretched into Poland is associated with stories of kings and royalty. It’s also a corner of Europe that gets pretty cold in winter time, which is probably where the term Prussian white comes from. Think icy streets, snowy hillsides and you’ll get the drift. At Wood and Beyond, we have a really broad selection of white flooring because we know that not everyone wants white, white flooring; but we’re proud to say that we have a great stock of what could be termed Prussian white wood flooring nonetheless. You can find our full white range here. But in this article we want to ... READ MORE >

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  • Exploring Nordic and Scandinavian Style wood flooring

      When you think Nordic and Scandinavian style, you typically think mountain lodges, blonde wood and plenty of it. The light, bright interior styling we associate with this part of the world is characteristic of everyone from designer Josef Frank through to Ikea and is a great way to give your home a fresh, clean feel. When it comes to wood flooring that fits this styling, what you need to be thinking of are light blonde oaks, white-washed boards and oiled finishes. In other words, with this look there’s nothing bright and shouty and there’s certainly nothing shiny. A great style to mix with relaxed and comfy furnishings, washed out colour palettes and plenty of soft sheepskin, this really is a warm and cosy look for the winter ... READ MORE >

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  • Fit Oak Tongue And Groove Floorboards For Minimal Waste

      Oak tongue and groove floorboards are a great way to minimise waste when you’re either flooring a room or house for the first time or re-flooring. Tongue and groove flooring isn’t by any stretch of the imagination a new concept, but it’s an option that sometimes gets ignored today in favour of click systems, and that’s a real shame. A system which sees the tongue – the protruding part of one plank, fit neatly into the groove – the cut out part of the next plank, tongue and groove is a really efficient choice when it comes to wood flooring. It also means that if your floor does develop gaps at any point in the future, they’ll be somewhat disguised and have less chance of developing draughts – which is always good ne ... READ MORE >

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  • Our Latest Wide Reclaimed Oak Floorboards

      Reclaimed flooring has been in high demand for a while now, but more recently wide, reclaimed boards have also become deeply sought after. Always keen to give our customers what they’re looking for, we’ve scoured our sources to come up with a couple of great wide reclaimed oak floorboards for the people who want the best of both worlds. Reclaimed floors are popular because they have a real lived in look. They suggest that your home has a strong story to tell, a real heritage to it. Even if your floor or your home is new, reclaimed flooring gives the feeling of confidence, a long-standing home that’s seen its fair share of life. Think loft apartments, big detached Victorian properties and mansions that still boast their origi ... READ MORE >

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  • Engineered Timber Boards Durability Guide

      Engineered timber boards sometimes get a hard time in relation to solid wood when it comes to durability. But this isn’t really deserved. There are fans of solid wood flooring who simply can’t accept that engineered wood flooring is a viable alternative. But in fact, engineered timber boards have stood the test of time and are proving their appeal, day in and day out. When it comes to durability, at Wood and Beyond, we believe that there are 6 key things that affect how long your engineered wood floor is likely to last. They are: Quality Finish Area where the floor is fitted Care Thickness Quality of installation Quality Like most things in life, the quality of floor you choose will have a direct impact on how durab ... READ MORE >

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  • Plank Flooring Explained Once and for All

      Plank flooring is a term that we’re coming across more and more at Wood and Beyond. Traditionally, plank flooring would have simply referred to a wooden board, but today it’s a term that’s spanning much wider than that. That’s why we thought we’d share our thoughts in an article. Hopefully, what we’re seeing and hearing around us in the industry right now will help you de-mystify what you’re hearing and reading around the web, in mags, in shops etc. Traditional plank flooring Traditional plank flooring is an easy concept to get your head around. Think of planks of solid wood and you’ve got it. A style of flooring that’s been used for centuries, solid plank flooring went slightly out of fashion for a while but has ... READ MORE >

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  • Your Ultimate Bathroom Flooring Options Reviewed and Compared

      You’re planning a stylish new bathroom. It’s going to have everything you’ve ever wanted. Your plans include a huge walk in shower, roll top middle of the floor bath, double basins, funky lighting and accessories to die for. That’s all sorted and in the bag, but what you’re struggling with is the flooring. You’ve seen every option imaginable work in a whole range of different settings, but there’s something holding you back from making your final decision. Practicality, great looks and something a tad different is what you’re after, but you don’t have a bottomless pit of funds left either. So what should you plump for? In this article we’ll explore the pros and cons of the options open to you and hopefully this ... READ MORE >

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  • Introducing White Floorboards in Milan and Double White Styles

      White floorboards are big news. In fact, I think it’s safe to say that never before have we seen such an exciting time for anyone looking for a white floor. If you’re reading this and haven’t really considered white floor before and you’re wondering what the big deal is all about, read on. Many years ago if you’d said to someone that you wanted a white wood floor, they’d have taken a paint-brush out along with a tin of white paint and that would have been that. Today white floors come in everything from blindingly bright white to natural shades with just the odd hint of white. There truly is something for everyone. We’ve created this blog post to introduce two really special white ranges and to walk you around the ch ... READ MORE >

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  • Warm Wood Flooring Styles That Are Undeniable Warm

      Even though it’s still only summer time, some of our clients are already thinking ahead when planning their wood flooring projects. Although in the summer months, it’s tempting to choose a colour or style of floor that makes you feel cool when the sun is hot, it’s also worth thinking about those winter months when temperatures will have changed. While you don’t want your floor to scream out winter-time all year round, making the right choices can mean the difference between having to turn your heating up a few degrees and enjoying the notion that your room is warmer than it actually is. Colours definitely affect how warm or how cool we feel, and the colour of wood flooring you choose will impact on that. But feeling warm i ... READ MORE >

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  • 600mm Wood Flooring Options

      600mm wood flooring is a really popular choice at Wood ‘n’ Beyond right now and when you look at all its great benefits you quickly see why. 600mm wood flooring, as its name suggests is wood flooring that comes to you in 600mm wide boards. What this means is that you get speed of installation and great looks all rolled into one when you make this choice. With each board made up of top layers that are in a herringbone layout, you can buy this solution with confidence, knowing that you are going to get an end result that isn’t just original, but that will make your room look fantastic too. When you fit narrow floorboards, you have a whole lot more effort to put in to get your end result than you do with these extra-wide boards ... READ MORE >

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